Halloween Party Supplies from Party City!

We were approached asking if we had any Halloween party plans that were coming up. Well, we did have a party coming up, a double birthday party for Kambry (turning 4) and her friend that was turning 6. Last year, it was a princess theme. This year, I thought about what theme the girls would like and what better theme than Halloween since the party was going to be in October? Party City came to our rescue and this is what we received!

Playful Pumpkin Mega Party Kit

  • 50 Playful Pumpkin Lunch Plates
  • 100 Playful Pumpkin Lunch Napkins
  • 50 Playful Pumpkin Paper Cups
  • 6 Playful Pumpkin Plastic Table Covers 54 x 96
  • 48 Plastic New Purple Forks
  • 48 Plastic New Purple Spoons
  • 48 Plastic New Purple Knives
  • 60 Cheery Pumpkin Halloween Invitations
  • 3 Orange and Black Plastic Bowls
  • 6 Haunted House Table Decorating Kits
  • 1 Halloween Confetti Mix 2 1/2oz
  • 1 Happy Halloween Letter Banner
  • 1 Orange Crepe Streamer 81ft
  • 1 Purple Crepe Streamer 81ft
  • 20 Kiwi Green Latex Balloons
  • 1 White Curling Ribbon 66ft

Online Price: $99.99

I requested a couple of small changes (Happy Birthday banner instead of the Halloween banner), but overall, we received a jam packed party pack! Once I got it all set out to see what we had, I was so excited to start planning the party, sending out invites and even planning the cake around the decorations. The paper lanterns and colored buckets, we already had from a previous party so I thought they would be perfect to add some pink in to the event for the girls.


Since I already had all that I needed to decorate the party, I was missing one key thing for a birthday party…. party favors! I was out one day running some errands and we stopped by and got cups, bags, favors & treats.


What is a birthday party without fun party favors??


Call me crazy, but we drove 5 hours to our party destination. Why? This was the location we used last year (friends house) and it was closer to family and friends. I made the cake at our house and we loaded the car up and drove to our party destination.

Once we arrived, we started decorating and setting things out right away. Tell me this isn’t a fun birthday theme?!!!


With the Halloween Party Decorations, we brought in some more pink and girly things, like some of Kambry’s tutu’s and dress up necklaces (again, from Party City)


We had party décor everywhere throughout the house. In the dining room, we had all the food, snacks and drinks.


Looks pretty tasty, doesn’t it? It WAS! I made all the cakes, treats and cake pops and along with those treats, we had hot dogs, burgers, chips and drinks.

And then there was food!


With the Playful Pumpkin Mega Party Kit comes three Orange and Black Plastic Bowls. In one, I had placed pretzels and in the middle, I put a yummy rice krispie treat ice cream cone.


This is the cake that I made for the girls. I thought they’d love having fun Halloween colors, as well as their own section of the cakes that had their ages in candles.


The girls were sitting on opposite sides of the cake than where their candles were, but I love seeing the looks on their faces when we lit the candles and they watched their own candles.


Overall, we had a very successful and FUN Halloween Themed Birthday Party!


The price of the Halloween Party Kit is $99.99 and you get so much in it! So. Much! We had the entire house decorated. Once the kids arrived, they were beyond giddy to see a unique and different style birthday party. We brought along our bounce house, so the kids had even more fun!

Are you looking to have a Halloween Party? We highly recommend Party City for all those party needs! Now, the question is… what party will we plan next? There doesn’t have to be an occasion to have a party – why not make a just because party? Be sure to check out Party City for all your party needs! www.PartyCity.com


  1. Jennifer Marie says:

    looks like you guys had lots of fun-what a cute idea halloween/bday party :)