#Halloween Safety from @Rayovac

Do you plan on taking the kids trick or treating this year? Do you go out on Hallowen or does your town have a specific date that you go out? We have a designated day for the younger crowd called the Ghost Walk. This is where the town’s companies get together and hand out candy around the town’s historical square. They set it up by the letter of the last name and let the kids go. It’s really neat and gives the smaller ones a chance to go trick or treating when the olders mostly go out on Halloween. What safety tips do you practice of your own? We always make sure that we are carrying Rayovac powered flashlights. This helps us all see when it’s dark, and also to help us see each other if we get separated.

14 LED 3AAA Glow In The Dark Flashlightwpid-2014-10-15-13-37-30.png

  • 18 Lumens
  • Super bright 14 LED light
  • Beam Distance: 59 feet (18.5 meters)
  • Battery Run Time: 19 hours on Rayovac Alkaline batteries, 9 hours on Rayovac Heavy Duty batteries
  • Impact resistant to 3 feet (1 meter)
  • Glow in the dark rubber grip
  • Matte finish aluminum body
  • Available in green, pink, blue, or gray – color is chosen randomly
  • Lifetime warranty
  • (3) AAA Rayovac Heavy Duty batteries included

We love this flashlight! The handle is a rubber grip that glows in the dark. If we drop it, we can see it. The light is super bright, but not blinding. It’s very light weight and the price is perfect at just under $5.00 and that includes batteries!


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you can learn more about Rayovac’s Glow in the Dark Flashlight by visiting www.Rayovac.com. You can also find them on Facebook:and on Twitter @rayovac