Happy Heinys Cloth Diapers *LOVE THEM!* Review & Giveway!

logo4I have heard of so many mom’s out there that are cloth diapering. Why? Is it because of the economy? Maybe. Do they want to save money? Of course! Who doesn’t want to save money in the long run? I became addicted to cloth diapering several months, meanwhile on the search for ‘the perfect cloth diaper’. I do believe that I have found it! We recently had the chance to check out Happy Heinys cloth diapers and I have to say that I, as a parent, love them! One thing that I found set Happy Heinys apart from the others, was the extra long Velcro strip on the entire length of the front of the diaper, as well as the longer Velcro strips on the tabs that attach to the front of the diaper. I really loved this! When my baby grow, the Velcro adjusts to her needs. Also, with the One Size Diapers, the snaps make it easy for Kambry to grow more in to her diaper, so that we are not forced to buy one size diaper, then in a few months, another size. These are a ‘One Size Diaper’, so basically, a one stop shop!



Our One Size diapers are available in 22 different colors and several different prints. Our prints are unique and designed by our company for use only on our products. Our prints for the one size diapers are made out of the same high quality fabrics that our solids are made out of. These fabrics have been tested to last up to 12 hours at night for most babies.

Our one size diapers also come with 2 micro fiber inserts. One small and one large insert. You may use either 1 insert or both or more as needed depending on how heavy your little one wets. Our hemp stuffins also fit well into the one size diapers.



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What size are Happy Heineys available in?
I am very excited to say that they will fit anywhere from 7 ½ pounds through 35 pounds. I, as a parent, love this because I don’t have to spend more money on training pants when Kambry is ready for potty training. If you are aware, disposable diapers run around $10.00 for a pack that may last you a week, or two – if you are lucky. When you spend $18.95 on one Happy Heineys cloth diaper, you are saving more money in the long run than you may be aware of.


Check out http://www.happyheinys.com/ for more adorable Cloth Diapers and where you can purchase your own!

How would you like to win a Happy Heinys Cloth Diaper? I have TWO to give away!

What you win

  • There will TWO winners!
    * One winner will receive a turquoise One Size Cloth Diaper
    * One winner will receive a hot pink One Size Cloth Diaper

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  • There will TWO winners!
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    * solid7One winner will receive a hot pink One Size Cloth Diaper
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  1. I have your button!

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  3. I like the periwinkle!

  4. The light blue pocket diaper :)

  5. I’m thinking of transitioning to cloth diapers. These sound great! I’d like either the turquoise or the hot pink — my baby looks cute in both :)

  6. Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    i like the one size snaps in red.

  7. Lisa Taylor says:

    I love the one size snap in light pink

  8. the Peace Bear design is totally groovy!

  9. Kaylyn Buckner says:

    The Cowprint is adorable and gender neutral!

  10. have your button now!

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  12. I like the Red OS in snaps! I like my one-size dipes;)

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  15. I like the lime green one size.


  16. Lauren P. says:

    I love the cow print – how cute! I have several brands of OS but no happy heinys – would love to try one!

  17. kathy pease says:
  18. kathy pease says:


  19. kathy pease says:

    i love the peace bears diaper print :)

  20. Natalie says:

    The one size snap looks great. I have wanted to try cloth diapers!

  21. I like the one size in black or lime green–I think he could get away with wearing just that out on our front lawn!

  22. jeanine says:

    i subscribe.

  23. jeanine says:

    i’d like to win the hot pink one for my dd.

  24. The one size pocket in in cowhide is adorable

  25. Christine says:

    I’m a subscriber.

    thank you,


  26. Christine says:

    I like the Happy Heiny Training Pants in royal blue.

    Thank you,


  27. I’m just getting started with cloth diapering and I’d love to try Happy Heinys! The one size pocket diapers would be great since I have a 9 week old and a 2.5 year old. :)

  28. Jennifer says:

    the cow print

  29. Rachel Robertson says:

    These are so adorable! I would love to win the Happy Heinys One Size Pocket Diapers with snaps in Kelly Green. I subscribe.

  30. I just bought 2 Happy Heineys and love them!!!Would love the turqoise

  31. I love the cow/ horse print ones.

  32. Lusea Lewis says:


    They didn’t have all the prints showing that is available in but I did like the monkey one that was showing, I also liked the sage & turquoise solids.

  33. colleen Yamamoto says:

    burgandy one size diaper looks so great!

  34. I would love the one-size with snaps!

  35. I would love to try the Happy Heinys One Size Pocket Diapers with snaps in Kelly Green.

  36. Mary Redstone says:

    I love the one size in cow print.

  37. Jen Easton says:

    I’d like thg monkey one size

  38. Jenny Nourse says:

    Love the Happy Heinys One Size Pocket Diapers with snaps, these would be perfect for our 5th due this fall!

  39. Amber Kuester says:

    I love the one size diapers of course!! Who wouldn’t! and all the colors are cute, but I’m most attracted to the orange, baby blue and yellow, too cute :))

  40. Jennifer says:

    I love the one-size in Sage!

  41. Kara Pearson says:

    I blogged about this great giveaway todayhttp://kara-organicgirl.blogspot.com/2009/06/happy-heiny-diaper-giveaway-ends-june.html

  42. I love the one size diapers! We just started cloth dipes and would love to check these out!

  43. Kara Pearson says:

    I tweeted this giveaway today http://twitter.com/evyready

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  46. Kara Pearson says:

    I love the Pocket Diapers , i dont have a Happy Heiny Diaper yet to add to my daughters collection so this would be great to win. I like cloth diapers and a after 4 kids , i love the pocket style alotv i also like the onesize fits all too :). Candy Pink (hot pink) would be my pick. lil_lolas@hotmail.com

  47. I love the one size diapers! Don’t have a Happy Hiney would loev to add it to our stash!!!

  48. Jessica says:
  49. Jessica says:

    I have your button on my blog.

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  51. Jessica says:

    The Peace Bears Print is very cute.

  52. Mary Casper says:

    i like the one size snap in sage please

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  54. Melissa B says:

    I would love to try out the pocket diaper.

  55. I’m an email subscriber!

  56. Their one-size snap diapers look very nice!

  57. I would love a one size snaps in turquoise.

  58. Jennifer says:

    I would choose the hot pink!

  59. also i’m subscribed

  60. i love the cow print

  61. I’ve got your button here:

  62. I think the One Size is the perfect style. I love the Butter colour but really all the colours are super cute! We don’t know if we’re having a boy or girl yet so I’ve been shopping for neutral mostly so far.

  63. israel y says:

    I like the One Size Diaper in orange

  64. Monica Waugh says:

    Definitely the pocket diapers. They look so easy!

  65. I subscribe

  66. The little peace bears are adorable! Gotta have em.

  67. One size pocket in lime green

  68. I like the one size in sage.

  69. The One Size Snap rocks! I love the color selection.

  70. Im new to this site, but thanks for all the giveaways

  71. I would love the one size snap in sage :o) !!!

  72. Amy DeLoach says:

    I would be so excited to have a Stacinator wool diaper cover :)

  73. Megan S says:

    A lime green one size snap!!

  74. Grace Nathan says:

    Those diapers look neat! I like the fact that they are ‘one size.’ My kids grow big fast, along with their bottoms, so adjustable is good.

  75. I’ve been wanting to try these diapers. The pocket trainers look like a great transition to undies.

  76. I blogged about the giveaway below.

    Cheap Diaper Links

  77. I’d love to try the wool covers!

  78. I would like to have the one-size in pink!

  79. Jennifer Hamitlon says:
  80. Jennifer Hamitlon says:

    I tweeted about this fab giveaway!! http://twitter.com/eclairemom/status/1973427546 Thanks!!!

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    I am now a proud email subscriber!!

  82. Jennifer Hamitlon says:

    I would love a Happy Hempy BUT a turquiose one size would not be bad either!!!

  83. Marianna says:

    I’d love to try their one size pocket diapers with snaps in kelly green! so cute!

  84. oooh, I want the cow! I have a cow print dress for my dd, and this would be perfect. Hot pink is good too though!

  85. Aisling says:

    I like the Happy Hempys fitted diapers (and would definitely need the fleece diaper cover in leopard print).

  86. I love the lavender one size diaper. SO perfect!

  87. I just tweeted about the giveaway and I’m SUCH A sucker for the cow print!

  88. Annmarie says:

    I subscribe!

  89. Annmarie says:


  90. Heather M says:

    I would like the one size with snaps!! Thanks and I would choose the Hot Pink One!!

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  92. I like the monkey diaper. Thanks. angel_2417@yahoo.com

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    I would love to have a one size snaps in boy or gender neutral color so I could use it on future babies as well.

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    I like the Peace Bear Design One Snap.

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  98. I love the one size diapers! Great idea! The sage color is so pretty, and that monkey print looks adorable too!

  99. I love one size diapers b/c I have a 20 month old and am 29 1/2 weeks pregnant with #2. I’m having a girl this time so I’d LOVE either the turquoise or the pink!!!!!

  100. Christine says:

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    Sidenote I love the icon your blog assigned to me :)

  102. Christine says:
  103. Christine says:

    I like one size with snaps, DH says velcro all the way.
    For your giveaway I would pick the turquoise One Size Cloth Diaper so the new baby can have same boy colors.

  104. Subscriber.

  105. I like the hot pink!

  106. I subscribe via email

  107. I have no clue which one I like best. Out of the two that are offered I like the hot pink since it would be for my little girl. I don’t have any cloth diapers yet. I just recently decided I wanted to try and I would rather win one to try or get one for a review rather than spend money then decide I may not like them. Thanks for the chance.

  108. Jennifer Short says:

    I like the orange in one size.

  109. I like the cow print one :-)

  110. I like the one size snap in the sage. So pretty!

  111. i subscribe!

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  113. royal blue one size with snaps!

  114. i would love the lime green one size snap diaper!! i love one size snap cloth diapers- that is all we use!

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  118. I like the One-size diapers… they look the most convenient. All the color choices are great! I like the purple one best though…

  119. I love the idea of the one-size diaper.

  120. I’d love to try the training pants or the one size diaper!

  121. Any color in the One Size Snaps would be absolutely fabulous!

  122. I would like to have a one size snap in sage

  123. I am a sucker for the one size diapers and think the cow/ horse print ones are pretty cute. Would enjoy a turquoise or pink one too. Don’t have any of this brand in my stash yet. Only have 1 bumgenius and 1 fuzzibunz.

    Need to get busy building up my stash since baby is due in 4 short weeks!

  124. Barbara J says:

    I like the royal blue one size diaper.

  125. cherice says:

    I subscribe :)

  126. cherice says:

    I love the turquoise in large for my little man! Thanks.

  127. I like the Burgundy One Size Diaper!