Family Game Night with Hasbro’s Cars 2 Games

We love to play games! I will admit that I have disliked playing games in the past, but that mostly refers to card games. The classic games are what I love. One game that I remember playing as a kid was Operation. I cannot tell you how many times my family and I played Operation! Hasbro has a new game out and if you have Cars fans in your home, this is one game you will have to have!

OPERATION Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition Game

Help your Mater “patient” get “all better!” Pick a card and then “operate” on that part of him to help him out. Remove the bad parts and you’ve done it! But if you touch the sides, his headlight will buzz and glow. Keep working on him until his as “healthy” as can be, then put the funatomy parts in the storage drawer to keep everything together. “Fix up” his “busted gear” and you win!

  • Includes gameboard with Mater “Patient” and tweezers, 22 game cards, 11 plastic funatomy parts, play money, storage drawer and instructions.
  • Requires 4 “AAA” batteries (not included). Adult assembly required.
  • For 1 or more players.
  • Ages 6 and up.
  • Approx. Retail: $19.99

Hasbro OPERATION Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition Game (1)

We travel a lot to visit family out of town and out of state. Most times, we pack several games with us so that we can play while we are there. This makes for some fun family time for literally any age. My son is almost 6 and got the hang of this right away. We set this up and had a blast! With us traveling for July 4th for a family get together, this is one game that we will be taking with us! Pardon the quality – I took with my phone. The set up was very easy, the parts to the game are so much fun and .. well… we loved it!

Hasbro OPERATION Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition Game (5)

Hasbro OPERATION Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition Game (6)

Hasbro OPERATION Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition Game (7)

Tucker won. He said he won a bazillion dollars.

Hasbro OPERATION Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition Game (4)

I am really excited that Hasbro has Cars edition games. Both of my kids are huge Cars fans! Ah, who am I kidding…. I love Cars! Just in time for the release of Disney/Pixar’s “Cars 2” on June 24, Lightning McQueen, Mater and the gang are back and starring in your favorite family games of Operation, Sorry! Sliders, Monopoly and more.

In Operation: Cars 2 Edition, Mater is carrying some extra junk and his engine is starting to clunk! Put on your mechanic hat and help fix his busted grill and gear in Operation: Cars 2 Edition. Mater can’t go on his next adventure with all of that rattling, so grab the tweezers and get to work! Repair Mater’s crazy quirks, such as Leaky Oil, Spare Tire and Tow Jam, and be careful not to touch the sides as you motor to the finish line.

Bump and race your way to victory in the “Cars 2” World Grand Prix! Bring the racing experience of the movie to life with Sorry! Sliders: Cars 2 Edition, the game of sweet revenge. Customize your racetrack, from a circular course to a track full of twists and turns, and race around the world! Speed through Radiator Springs, Tokyo, London and more, and try to bump opponents back to “Start” while trying to avoid oil spills, traffic cones, and radiation spaces.

Hasbro SORRY! Sliders Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition Game

Finally, everyone’s favorite property-trading game, Monopoly, gets a tune up – “Cars 2”style! Monopoly: Cars 2 Edition is totally new and unlike any Monopoly game seen before! The game board has been transformed into a round racetrack and Lightning McQueen now serves as the game dice. This child-friendly edition of Monopoly gives real estate moguls-in-training a chance to face off and race to the finish line by outsmarting and out-bidding opponents.

Hasbro MONOPOLY Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition Game

Who doesn’t love Monopoly, Operation and Sorry! Sliders?!? The other two games are on our list to get for Tucker for his upcoming birthday. While I loved these Hasbro games before, I am more in love with them now with the Cars theme!

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