Healthy Choice + Lifestyle Change = Happiness & Weight Loss!

I have been exercising on my Elliptical every day, drinking plenty of water, eating healthier options like carrots as a snack and I have been replacing one meal a day (I chose to replace my lunch time meal) with a Healthy Choice meal. With all my motivation and hard work…..

Drum roll please…. I am down 23.8 pounds and I have dropped 3 clothing sizes!

Be sure to keep checking back for even more information about my fitness challenge, weight loss and some new Healthy Choice meal options for my Healthy Choice Challenge!

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I am working with Healthy Choice and participating in a program with Healthy Choice and to help with my challenge, I am receiving compensation in the form of gift cards, as well as coupons for Healthy Choice meals to help facilitate my Healthy Choice Better for BlogHer Challenge. My thoughts and opinions are not swayed by payment and are 100% all my own.


  1. A big congrats to you! You are very disciplined to do that.
    I bet you had fun clothes shopping! I just went the other day and was happy with how I looked in my clothes. I went with tighter fitting clothing and some things I don’t usually wear-really short sleeves. I would like to lose 5 more pounds or so to really look better and feel great. At 55 I want to be slim and healthy-cause I have RA. I have to be on a special low carb diet cause of this but hubby and I exercise 55 minutes a day and it makes a world of difference in your life.
    Hats off to you!