Healthy Eating while airport traveling

AIrport Travel and Healthy EatingI travel a lot, so I know how hard it is to stay on track when you’re in an out of airports. Junk food, chips, sodas and an overall lack of healthier options. Here are some helpful tips for foods that will help tide you over while you’re traveling this holiday season.


  • Fruits:

    Fruit has become a more common food option at vendors. The most popular are bananas, oranges, and apples. Fruits obviously have much less sodium and calories than the majority of things that are sold in an airport. Plus, they give us all of the important vitamins that help us through long trips. The best option to eat is a green apple because it has plenty of fiber, helps eliminate constipation, reduces your blood pressure, and enriches your body with vitamins C B6, and A. It’s an excellent source of energy because of its contents of carbohydrates. (Remember to only eat them in the morning or midday)

  • Oatmeal:

    Today it is extremely easy to come by oatmeal in an airport, and the only thing you have to do to prepare it is add some water. This “super food” helps regulate your levels of blood sugar and can also helps regulate your levels of exhaustion as well.

  • Nuts:

    If you prefer something that you can buy a little package of to put away and eat later, don’t go for chips, nachos, or other less healthy options. Choose nuts instead; peanuts or almonds without salt give you that little push of energy you may need to calm your hunger and control the stress of traveling. Nuts also contribute a little bit of that healthy fat, which is important for your diet, but cannot be abused because at the end of the day, fat is fat.

  • Hummus:

    This option may be a little harder to get a hold of, but every day you see it more in airports, and even airplanes. Hummus has a good amount of protein and fiber as well as minerals like calcium and iron. This is another option that should be eaten in moderation because it is made with olive oil.

  • Sandwich:

    A well chosen sandwich can be one of the most complete and healthy options you can have anywhere, not only in airports. Always choose whole wheat bread, lean proteins like turkey, and always choose mustard over mayonnaise. Also, you should always choose to avoid cheese, and make sure that you always have plenty of vegetables. This may be the easiest option to find and the most satisfying.