Help us raise awareness. Show us your #kegelface!

Laugh till you pee… that’s something to talk about. Or not. Face it ladies… it becomes an issue more so after the babies are born. I remember when my littles were born, my doctor suggested that I do kegals to help tighten the muscles after delivery.

Kegels are pelvic floor muscle training exercises and considered first line treatment for urinary incontinence.  About one in three women will experience at some point in their lives, typically after childbirth and around menopause.

Kegals can be done anywhere, anytime and without anyone knowing. PeriCoach wants to see YOUR “Kegel face. So… here’s my legal face.


Random. Yes. Just goes to show you that kegals can be done anywhere, anytime and randomly. LOL

Of all the paperwork that I was given after the births of my kids, as far back as 21 years ago, nothing was as helpful as the sources that I’ve seen from PeriCoach. PeriCoach encourages women to take control of bladder leakage with smart Kegels. I won’t even beat around the bush or be shy about it.. this is a serious topic that a lot of us women suffer from, and doing kegals will help in so many ways.

PeriCoach offers a non-invasive way of treating urinary incontinence, basically a work-out program with a coach.

Bladder leakage is a topic many prefer to cover up rather than talk about or fix even though it affects millions of women. The company behind the new PeriCoach® System – a pelvic floor muscle training device + smart phone app – hopes to change that.  Their new campaign called #kegelface encourages women to post their “Kegel faces” on social media to demonstrate they are taking back control of their pelvic floors through regular and smart Kegel exercises.

Pericoach“We know that pelvic floor muscle training is very effective for reducing or eliminating urine leakage, but like any exercise program, women have to be inspired to take that first step and start a daily regimen of exercise to see results,” said Leslie M. Rickey, MD, Departments of Urology and Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences, Yale School of Medicine.   “As physicians, we struggle with ensuring patient engagement with their pelvic floor health once they leave the office.  #kegelface is a way for women to stay connected with these important exercises and also unites the millions suffering from bladder control issues.”

Cleared for use by the Food and Drug Administration and available by prescription, PeriCoach, made by Australian company, Analytica, is designed to take the frustration out of a regular program of pelvic muscle floor training.  PeriCoach provides real-time feedback that is beamed to a smartphone so women and their clinicians can track progress.

As part of #kegelface, PeriCoach will donate to the National Association for Continence and Voices for PFD (Pelvic Floor Disorders), part of the American Urogynecological Society (AUGS).

“It’s exciting to be part of a campaign designed to help empower women to manage the health of their pelvic floor,” said Steven G Gregg, Ph.D., Executive Director of the National Association For Continence.  “Many women want to take control of their health and performing Kegel exercises properly is certainly one way in which they can make a difference.”

“AUGS is pleased be a partner in #kegelface. It is a fun way to raise awareness and get women reengaged in this important exercise that if done right can make a difference,” said Michelle Zinnert, Executive Director, Voices for PFD.

In appreciation of participation, the company will offer women who post their “Kegelface” to their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts along with hashtag #kegelface a discount code for purchase of the PeriCoach.

A downloadable Rx form for signature by a clinician is available from

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