Perfect Cookie Decorating with Wilton’s Color Flow Icing

On Sunday, October 10, 2010, I had the chance again to go to Chicago to visit with the amazing people from Wilton. I have known about Wilton my entire life, grew up with Wilton products and baking with my family, and in June, I even learned a few things about cake decorating and I even managed to surprise myself. This summer, I met and I learned about Wilton as a company, I was taught a few things about Wilton’s products and learned quite a bit about the art of decorating. It isn’t just about the cake itself, but it’s about those memories that one creates while making that sweet creation. I will be blunt with you all and tell you that I am not the best cake decorator, nor will I ever claim to be the best. My creations are fun, but most of all, create memories that will stick with my family.

Last weekend, I was able to get hands on look at cookies, fun treats and how to do so many different things with a nice variety of products for any occasion.

I do believe that I found my calling. . . . . Cookie decorating.

Two words that make my heart go pitter patter: Color Flow.

I have always wanted to decorate cookies, but most of all; I have simply wanted to have presentable treats. Wilton has a product that is called “Cookie Flow” icing. This product had me at hello! I still cannot stop thinking about this product. I cannot stop dreaming about the endless possibilities that this product entails for not only my family, but for yours as well.

I am horrible at decorating. I have painted ceramics and t-shirts with my mother as a kid, but I was never able to ice a cookie to save my life. Literally.

Color Flow Mix

Create dimensional flow-in designs for your cake. Just add water and confectioners’ sugar. Certified Kosher. 4 oz. can makes ten 1 1/2 cup batches.

There is a great recipe idea here.

Want to see how easy and amazing this product is? Here are some pictures and videos to show you my VERY FIRST experience with Color Flow.

Looks easy, doesn’t it? Guess what? It IS!

Pictures can only show so much, so here’s a video of  my first try with Color Flow Icing:

Here are some tips from what I learned:

  • Roll out your dough on sheet using lollipop sticks as your thickness guide under the rolling pin so that the dough is the sane thickness all around for level cookies.
  • Use a cookie cutter to cut out shape, but leave cutter on dough and use to sprinkle sprinkles in to, so you don’t waste sprinkles, take cutter off, and you have your sprinkled cookie – bake for about 7-8 minutes.
  • The Cookie Press is perfect for spritz cookies! Simply fill the cookie press with dough, (do not refrigerate dough otherwise dough will end up too hard to use in spritzer). Tip: Make the dough just before you are ready to make spritz cookies, do not refrigerate so that the dough is the perfect temperature and consistency to work with.

Want to make cookies, such as a perfect gingerbread cookie? For Iced sugar cookies, like I show above, use Color Flow, full consistency for the outlining and use thin to fill, in zig-zag motions and use a toothpick to draw from center of cookie towards outline.

What if you have an event that you would love to take some treats to, but are scared about your icing getting messed up? Once you finish your cookie creation, the icing will set dry and hard within a few minutes, but you will need to wait at least overnight for it to completely set dry so that you will be able to package the cookies up for presentation, gifting or just to travel with.

Looking to add a bit more to your cookies? Use piping gel as ‘glue’ to drizzle on the cookie, and dip cookie in sprinkles to hold on to the treat.

Looks yummy and pretty, doesn’t it?? I was amazed how easy it was to create so many different things. The Chocolate Pro Electric Chocolate Melter sure made for easy cookie decorating! It’s not just for candy making or even dipping strawberries in, cookies are a great addition to use for this.

I’m sure that people this weekend wanted to tell me to put a sock in my mouth to shut me up about how much I loved Color Flow Icing & even the Chocolate Pro Electric Chocolate Melter (or candy!) products, but seriously – I am in love! I am so eager, so happy, so excited to try this out with my kids and family. With this holidays, I’ve always wanted to make holiday treats to take to the family’s’ house, but have been scared to. I know that treats aren’t necessarily about appearance, but for one – just once – id love to woo people with something out of the ordinary.

Gingerbread men? Oh, it’s ON this year! My mind is flowing, the thought images are pouring and pretty soon, my family will be telling me to put a sock in it because i cannot seem to stop the ideas from finding me.

Are you excited about the holidays now? I am!!! I have so many ideas and thoughts running through my head about what I can make this year!

For more information and to go to a Wilton Decorating Class near you, please log on to to find a location near you that offers classes. You will learn so much, have so much fun and trust me – these classes and products will make you as eager as I am to learn more and get to decorating for the holidays!


  1. I hate it when I bake cookies and I try to ice them but the icing is so hard I can’t get the intricate designs that I want.

    The color flow mix looks like a baker’s dream. :yes:

  2. That icing looks awesome on those cookies. I’m always looking for new baking products to try.