How winners are chosen on Mommy Goggles

** I am making this post to show you all how winners are drawn here on Mommy Goggles. I am in no way stating that this individual was upset with the winner, complaining about the winner chosen, or anything of that sort. I completely see all sides of how winners are chosen (ie: this post in particular), but I wanted to show my process.

It was brought to my attention today for a contest winner that was drawn at Random, may not have entered the contest correctly. I chatted with this individual via Live Chat from my website, I do hope that I was clear with how winners are drawn. I feel so bad when I can’t pick multiple winners for things such as this beautiful blanket. 🙁

After I went and looked at the original post, I was able to verify that entry #179 ‘Caroline’ did enter the contest correctly. Here is a print screen of the winner selection from


Here are Caroline’s entries.


  1. She went to the website and posted to me which blanket she liked
  2. She subscribed to my newsletter
  3. She made sure she had a way for me to get in touch with her if she were picked
  4. She added her button to her blog

Caroline was winning entry #179. I looked at this post, BUT I also looked at her other entries, so this is why I do the full print screen. I want to show you, my readers, that everything is correct, as well as legit.

Her entries were 4 out of a possible 6 entries that were allowed.

Here were the entries that were allowed for this particular contest:

  1. Come back here and post to me a style of blanket that you would love!
  2. Twitter the giveaway (leave link on comment entry)
  3. Blog about this giveaway (leave link on comment entry)
  4. Email friends about this giveaway
  5. Subscribe to my newsletter (on right sidebar)
  6. Add my main button to your site

Technically, this is 6 chances that are allowed.

Now, this poster would not have been qualified if: (Yes, these do happen)

  1. They just posted something like ‘nice’ (with no effort at all)
  2. They just posted something like ‘wow’
  3. They just posted something like ‘enter me’
  4. They just posted something like ‘pick me’

Yes, I use to pick winners, BUT, as stated on the contest rules:

Winner will be chosen at RANDOM and backed up by post content.

Why do I do the ‘backed up by post content’? I do this because if someone was to be drawn at Random and all they did was post ‘cool’ or ‘nice’ or something that shows no effort at all, this is completely unfair to the other entrants to the contest, and any contest that I, or other bloggers may have hosted.

If I host a contest that is partnered with another blogger, such as those in my Spring Cleaning segment with Mommy Mandy and Rockin’ Mama, then we each choose the winners via, but we consult with each other before those winners are contacted so that if so and so entered my Hoover contest and so and so same person, entered and also won Mommy Mandy’s contest, well – this isn’t fair, so one of us will randomly draw another winner on the other blog, so that winner will only be obligated to one of those prizes.

With that said, again, I am so very sorry that there wasn’t more than one winner on this, or any, contest that I host. 🙁 I want to thank everyone that entered this, and my other contests here at Mommy Goggles. I also wanted to do this post because I felt the need to show my readers that there are loyal bloggers out there, such as I am. I feel that my winners are chosen in a manner that is honest.

If you have any questions or need to contact me at any time, please email me, or you are more than welcome to use the Live Chat to contact me. I am online pretty much all day and have 24/7 access to my email.


  1. I think random is the best way to choose a winner fairly and you shouldn’t have to explain yourself to prove you choose a winner fairly. We enter these giveaways of our own free will and should be thankful we have the opportunity to do so considering it doesn’t cost us anything but a few minutes of our time. I agree that those who just say I want it or pick me should be excluded because anyone can say that and there should be at least some attempt to put a little effort considering what you are getting in return. Your doing a great job Tanya. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for all your hard work 🙂

  2. I have to agree, you shouldn’t have had to go through all that! Its great that you host these giveaways! Thank you for all you do!

  3. Carol Lawrence says:

    People who do take the time to go to the sites of the products you are awarding should not have to compete with the “enter me’s” of the world.

  4. That’s a lot of trouble you had to go through to prove to everyone the winner was valid. I think it’s safe to say most of us here may be dissapointed at not winning, however, we are happy for the winner and look forward to your next giveaway!!

  5. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I’m glad you do it this way to make sure the giveaway opportunities are fair for everyone. Thank you for all your hard work and effort. Besides don’t you have to look at the first entry to be sure it’s done before people can earn additional entry opportunities?

  6. You shouldn’t have to go through all the trouble. Everyone should just be grateful that you are kind enough to host giveaways at all. Thank you.

  7. Gosh…you are one of the most honest people I know Tanya. So sorry about this.