I beat the crowds & shopped in my PJ’s @SamsClub! #SamsClubHoliday

Christmas is right around the corner. Can you believe it? I don’t know about you, but the thought of going out there with the shopping chaos makes my mind frazzle a bit. I wish I could just stay home, get in my comfy PJ’s, put my feet up, and let the gifts just magically appear.

Wait… That’s possible. With www.SamsClub.com and the oh-so-easy to use app, it’s so very possible. While everyone was out fighting the crowds for Black Friday, and every day since, I decided to do all of my shopping online. I was a bit skeptical at first, so I gave it a go.

I went to the SamsClub.com Winter Catalog with my shopping list and it’s like magic. I shopped and they delivered in just a couple of days. Wanna hear something else pretty stinking amazing? Once you log in to your Sam’s Club account and start adding things to your cart, you can log in via phone or tablet and you can continue to add things to the same cart without losing anything. When you log on via the website to the Winter Catalog, it will bring up some of the current top selling items. You can search by price as well.


So, here’s where it gets good. You can log on to the app to our account, and you can see anything that you added to your cart. Example: We were on the road one day and I had things in my cart from the night before, so I logged on to my cart from my iPhone and it was all still in my cart. I thought of something that a loved one would really like to have, so I added that to my current cart. Shopping on the go, I tell ya. Super easy and it made my shopping literally a one stop shop! I’ve told all of our loved ones to stay off the blog till after the holidays … LOL So, here’s what I found!

Nothing says 80’s flashback like some good ol’ Atari! I remember PacMac, Space Invaders and of course – Pitfall!


My parents are gonna get great use out of their 6 quart Crock Pot with little dipper warmer and Wet Dry Vac. Amazing prices too, at just under $40 each!


Who doesn’t love to get Gift Cards? You can buy just about ANY gift card, for any restaurant in any amount. I always buy family dining gift cards for gifts and they also make great stocking stuffers!


What’s another great gift? Well, if you live anywhere that it’s cold, you’d love to get a pair of Isotoner smarTouch gloves.


What is on your young ones’ list this year? My son has been eyeing the newly released Skylanders Superchargers Starter Kit for his Wii. Let me rephrase it – he’s been drooling over this new set. It’s at SamsClub.com for $69.98!


I love stocking stuffers. Like… LOVE them so much! To me, it’s like getting a sock full of good happiness. This Family Pack Mobile Power Charging Station is perfect to keep the family charged to stay connected. And the price is amazing at $44.98 for 4 on the go chargers AND a charging station!


Keep the youngsters happy with an Otterbox Defender Case for their iPhone (and lots of other models!), as well as a Lightening Car Charger so you will never have to worry about their phone being damaged when they drop it, and it will always have a charge when they’re in their car.


Since I was shopping for everyone in the family… I thought I’d find a little something for myself. I haven’t had a new coat in probably 10 years. How stinking cute is this ladies quilted jacket, and you can’t beat the price as just under $40! Mom deserves to get something for herself, right? 😉


When I was browsing online on the SamsClub.com Winter Catalog, I had one thing in mind for gifts, but after looking around around, I found a several unexpected gift ideas. If you aren’t sure what to gift that ‘hard to buy for person’, check out what all are the top hits, think about what they are interested in and go from there.

Words can’t express how happy I am with Sam’s online shopping and the ability to toggle between shopping online with the website and the app from my iPhone and tablet. I was able to beat the store shopping rush, as well as stay warm and cozy with the family while I shopped. I’d say about 98% of our items were bought online, but those items that we really wanted were saved to our local Sam’s Club and we picked them up in a breeze. I can’t wait to surprise and delight our loved ones in a couple of weeks for Christmas!

Still have shopping to do? We highly recommend checking out the SamsClub.com Winter Catalog. You will save more than just your sanity.

For more information, be sure to visit www.SamsClub.com. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter. Happy shopping and happy holidays!



Disclaimer: We received a Sam’s Club membership and gift card to facilitate our review and post. We are 100% open and 100% honest about our experience. If we didn’t like anything about our experience or products, we would let you know. We highly recommend shopping online with Sam’s Club!