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We live in a 1900 home and our storage in this house is pretty limited. I have been slowly doing some renovations in the house to make it more our own, as well as to create more usable storage. Parts within my home were transformed in to other rooms. Example – this is the front of my house. Where the red arrow is, that used to be a porch. We think that maybe it was just an open space with a cement base, and the window in the front/bottom of the house used to be some sort of screened in porch with access to the front door. The left part of the front of the house is now the kids’ playroom, and the front where the arrow is, is a closed in entry of some sort.


Open space, yet not totally usable as a room.

left right entry

We have used this space as an area to store coats, shoes, backpacks, etc. Well, I got sick of the clutter. When someone comes in my home, I don’t want them to walk in to an unorganized mess. I thought about building a bench that we could sit on to put on our shoes, take them off and to store all the things that have normally been all over the floor, but I started to look at this space and realized that it was time to give my entry way a complete makeover and more inviting.

I had the chance to work with IKEA, the organization Gods, to create a whole new and organized entry way. I figured since I was making the drive to Chicago for the weekend, why not make the best of it and load my SUV with all that it could handle? Ahhhhh this is what heaven looks like.


My goal was to check out the STUVA’s.


I saw these in person when I was at Mom 2.0 in April and my mind started spinning. While they were geared more towards kids’ rooms, playrooms and nursery organization, I thought I’d take a different spin with home entry way organization. This was what I saw when I got to the children’s department in IKEA. STUVA’s were set up  in many different ways so that you can get a visual of size, colors and styles. If you are looking for a tall storage, the upright STUVA is what you need. (as seen above). If you are looking for a wider, shorter storage (like for a toy chest, sitting bench), then the shorter STUVA’s are perfect so you can add shelves or drawers for storage.


What you do, is you take your STUVA checklist, and mark off the cabinet style, components (like wire rack, clothes rod, shelves, etc.) and then you pick your door or drawer colors. Once you have all that, you go down to the main level of IKEA, look on your check list and it will tell you what aisle, row and shelf that item is on. You get to build your STUVA just how YOU want it, and not how it’s designed on the floor model. I loved this! It was a lengthy time to pick out everything, but it is nice to be able to customize it your way.



I ended up getting:

  • 2 STUVA Frames – $70.00 each
  • 2 STUVA Door, 2 pack (white) – $45.00 each
  • 2 STUVA Drawer without front – $14.00 each
  • 2 STUVA Drawer front (white) – $10.00 each
  • 2 STUVA Clothes Rail – $2.00 each
  • 2 STUVA Wire Basket – $7.00 each
  • 2 STUVA Shelves – $8.00 each

Total for 2 STUVA cabinets: $312.00

(Each STUVA combination: $156.00)

Doors, drawers and boxes are both protective and decorative. Choose the ones you like the best. You can choose from several colors including green, pink, blue, brown and white.


Once I picked all my items off the shelves, I was ready to check out.


Thankfully I drive an SUV, so all my seats were able to fold down to fit everything.


Of course, once you get home, you get to turn the duty over to the husband to put everything together.

I figured since I was making my entry way over, why not go ALL out? I decided to rip up the carpet that was glued on the cement floor and lay down a wood floor. That, alone, made this small space brighter!

IKEA Makeover Floor

Now that the floor was in, it was time for hubby to start putting the STUVA cabinets together.



Once the main frame of the STUVA’s were put together, I put them in the entry way so I could take a step back to look at them, then decide how I wanted to arrange the doors, followed by the drawers, shelves, baskets and rods. In between the two STUVA’s, there was just enough room to squeeze in a metal shelf, which I also picked up at IKEA. This was a perfect size to put IKEA mesh baskets in it for the kids’ to use for things like coloring books and crayons.


Now, when you walk in my front door, the entry way is bright, organized and most of all, there aren’t shoes, jackets, umbrellas or backpacks just laying on the floor. Everything has it’s spot!


The left STUVA is for the kids to put their shoes (drawer), hats, gloves, scarves (basket) and inside, on the rod they can hang their jackets or hoodies.


Did you notice the puppy tails inside the STUVA’s? Those are adorable wall hangars that we use for the kids hats. Normally, these would hang on the wall, but I thought it would be perfect to hang inside.


There are so many combinations that you can make with IKEA’s STUVA cabinets. While I used these to makeover my entry way, you can use them just about anywhere in your home! I picked out all my STUVA pieces in June, then went back a month later to buy even more baskets, shelves and add-ons to create even more storage inside. All the storage containers inside also came from IKEA.


Looking to organize your home? IKEA can help! Be sure to visit for a location near you!

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  1. Are you talking about the red, blue and yellow plastic bins? Those are storage bins from my kids’ toy organization holder. They fit in there perfectly!

  2. Hi. What are the plastic boxes in the wire baskets

  3. I agree, it looks very confusing because of all the parts and pieces you need. I had to have someone help me in store. I ended up buying too much of one thing and not enough of another, but it ended up working out in the end. They are still in my entry way and I’ve moved shelves and the rod down so the kids can reach without a stool. Its really helping them remember to hang up their coats, etc.

  4. I’m considering getting this for my soon to be 3 year old’s room. I’ve been to the store and studied the storage system on the site and am still a little confused about what parts to get. I’m on my way to the store today to get the bench and storage box because those two I’m sure about. But the storage tower I’m being a little indecisive about what will meet our needs. I love what you did with your entry way.

  5. I’ve never shopped at an IKEA but a few of my friends swear by them. I wish there was one closer to me (it’s 2 hours away)

  6. Jennifer Marie says:

    Oh wow-I have never been to IKEA! Guess I need to go!!! :)

  7. That came out really well! Shhh I have never been in an IKEA since they are all about 2 hours away!

  8. How cool. We went to ikea last night and I loved these. Saving for them. Love your redo.