iLuv my Snoopy Folio for iPad mini!

Everywhere that I go, my iPad mini goes with me. I love the size and it’s so easy to toss in my purse and run errands, get groceries and travel with. With that said, I have to protect my investment but I also like to have fun with it with fun cases and protection for it. I was able to see a Folio from iLuv.

Snoopy Folio for iPad minisnoopy iLuv

Thin Folio Jacket for iPad mini

It’s no secret that iLuv loves Peanuts™ so it should also come as no surprise that we’ve put America’s favorite beagle on our portfolio case for the iPad mini. Whether you’re engrossed in the latest bestseller or watching a video gone viral on YouTube, this case allows you to set your tablet at multiple viewing angles so you can comfortably enjoy using your tablet.


  • Multiple viewing angles to customize your viewing experience
  • Unique iPad mini holder allows you to view in landscape mode
  • Specifically designed for the iPad mini, to maintain access to all ports & controls

When I first got it, I wasn’t sure it would be something that I would like or that would be able to protect my iPad mini while on the go. I chose the bright & fun ‘red’ colored Snoopy Folio and I have to say that it exceeded my expectations.

First off, it’s cute as can be and did I mention fun? It’s made of  cardboard type of material on the outside and a suede material inside.


While it’s closed, there are clips that keep it closed, so you won’t have to worry about it flipping open at random times.


On the back, there’s a camera hole, so you don’t have to worry with taking the iPad mini out of the folio to snap pictures. This is a huge plus for me since I use my iPas mini to take a lot of pictures and videos.




The iPad mini stays in place & nicely secure with the side & edge pieces.



Here’s the angle showing you how it’s held in the folio. It’s very secure.


What’s cool about this folio is that you can prop it up at two different angles.

iLuv propped up

Overall, I love everything about the iLuv Snoopy Folio. It’s fun, it’s affordable and it meets all the specs (design, feel, weight, price) that I look for when purchasing a case for my iPad mini.

The iLuv Snoopy Folio for the iPad mini is available in three styles/colors: Blue, Red & White for $49.99 by visiting

snoopy iLuv all