INRIX 4.5: Your New Traffic App and Personal Assistant

image002We travel a lot, so we like to see what the traffic is like while on the go. I’m about to try out a new app that was just released. Have you ever heard of INRIX?

INRIX just released the latest version of its traffic app for Android and iOS users,INRIX Traffic 4.5, which now offers custom INRIX Departure Alerts that tell you when to leave so you can arriveto every sports practice, birthday partyand family dinner on time.

Even more, the new INRIX Departure Alerts, allows you to alert your carpools, play dates and other family members of when to expect you – turning your texts from an “OMW” to an “ETA.”

Key features of the 4.5 version include:

  • Free Features:
    • *NEW* INRIXDeparture Alerts – Be informed of when you need to leave to arrive on time. Share your arrival time with friends.
    • Fastest Routes – See the best routes for saved places in the app giving you travel times and arrival times right now or hours in advance.
    • Full Screen Maps – Instantly identify major delays and faster routes to your destination.
    • Personalized Traffic Alerts – Get personalized alerts for accidents and other traffic-causing delays.
    • Community Traffic Reporting – Instantly see accidents and other incidents reported by members of the INRIX community.
    • Custom Routes – Know whether your secret route to a destination is faster or slower than other more common routes.
  • Premium Features:
  • Gas Prices – Locate the cheapest gas stations on your route with fuel prices updated daily.
  • View Traffic Cameras – See firsthand how traffic and weather conditions impact your drive times.
  • Save Unlimited Destinations – Get the fastest routes for an unlimited number of saved destinations.

INRIX is available on iTunes and Android.