It’s Demo Day!

I am sitting here waiting on my contractor dudes to show up to get started on ripping out a wall in my kitchen. My house is a complete mess, but it will be awesome in the end! Here’s what my pantry area looks like right now. Keep in mind, we live in a 1900  home, so at some point moons ago, this used to be a porch.

You can see before, here. My end goal is to have the fridge way back in that ‘pantry’, no wall where it’s currently at, add cabinets around with a countertop so I can have more space for small appliances & the cabinets will be my food storage area.

{During} Kitchen


  1. OK, I am laughing because one day you say “I think I’ll remodel my kitchen” and 3 days later BAM! you have a wall being knocked down! LMAO!!!

    …. I would do the same thing!!!

    oh and I think it’s awesome your turning your home into something you want, and would like to have.\

    You have great land and that is sooooooooo awesome!!!!! I am jealous! I can not wait to own a home to make OUR OWN!

  2. @Lou Lange, Oh I am! I just took a video and I have a lot of pics. All are on my Facebook for now and I was going to write up a post on the after. it is SOO open already!

  3. Lou Lange says:

    If you can, take some pics now and again to show us the progress they are making!