Johnsonville Kitchens – Blog for a Cause!

Johnsonville Kitchens LogoIn March, I had the opportunity to visit the Johnsonville company and kitchens in Milwaukee, WI. Well, today, I am back in route to Milwaukee, but this time not only to cook in their kitchens again, but to Blog for a Cause. I am excited to see everyone again, but even more so, to give back to those in need. Johnsonville has teamed up with the Salvation Army for an amazing cause!

Blog for a Cause

Blog for a Cause is where approximately 50 items have been purchased for Sheboygan County Salvation Army to share with local children for Christmas. The gifts range from baby dolls and Barbies to the Justin Bieber Game to Nerf guns, and even Monopoly, Jinga, action figures and race cars. We, as bloggers will be able to interact with Johnsonville this evening while we help wrap gifts that will be then donated.

My blog is my business, but when I am able to help companies give back to our communities… well, that just makes my job even more worth while. I will have more information as the next two days carry on. Be sure to follow our Twitter stream for current information on how you can help us give back!