Just ordered a Swing Set!!

I am so stinkin’ excited!!! We have been saving up for a swing set for the kids and even had a garage sale a few weeks ago to put towards the swing set. We were going to go with the Highland Swing Set from Sam’s, but when I logged on to buy it, I saw that they had a new one that was being released the first of June and when I went to refresh the screen this morning, it told me: “Pre order item today, this item will be available to ship on June 20th”. Sooooooooooooooo With further ado – we ordered this bad boy just now!

Skyfort Cedar Play Set w/ Slide



The Skyfort is a beautiful addition to your home at a value price. Made of naturally decay and insect resistant cedar, the Skyfort will provide years of enjoyment. Capable of accommodating up to nine children, this heavy duty swing set will be the center of fun for the entire neighborhood. The Skyfort comes complete with 10′ slide, rock-climbing feature, two heavy-duty belt swings and a two-person, heavy-duty glider. All wood is pre-cut, drilled and stained and ready for assembly.


# Top level clubhouse with natural wood roof
# Lower play deck with sandbox play area
# Rock wall climbing feature
# Crow’s nest lookout with play telescope
# Lower level picnic/ activity table
# 2 heavy-duty belt swings with chain
# 1 heavy-duty glider with chain
# 10′ Fast-Trac deep slide
# Monkey bars
# Flat step entry ladder with handrails
# Detailed assembly manual
# Ships in 5 boxes
# Recommended for children ages 3-10 years
# Dimensions: Elevate Club House: 59″ x 50″; Covered Porch Area: 33″ x 31″; Crow’s Nest: 39″ x 27″; Sun Deck: 31″ x 26″; Lower Deck: 35″ x 62″
# Maximum fall height: 90″

9 children, each no more than 150 lbs. can safely play on this equipment.

Space Requirements and Assembled Dimensions:
# Ground Dimensions: 22′ 7″ x 16′ 8″ x 12′ 2″H
# Safe Play Area Required: 34′ 7″ x 28′ 8″
Safe Play Area refers to a zone extending 6′ beyond the gym set on all sides, including the space above the set.

Packaging Information:
# Box 1: 93.5″ x 22″ x 9.25″; 220 lbs.
# Box 2: 93.5″ x 22″ x 9.25″; 161 lbs.
# Box 3: 93.5″ x 22″ x 9″; 160 lbs.
# Box 4: 93.5″ x 22″ x 9.25″; 179 lbs.
# Box 5: 120″ x 26″ x 24″; 40 lbs.


  1. @kevin, Yup!! 😀 I got an email with shipping info that it was shipped Wednesday and it will be here on the 28th.

  2. Hey, The swingsets are in stock and I purchased mine today. is yours shipping yet?

  3. @Tanya, Nothing within a 100 mile area of Syracuse NY. I bet you got the last one, How dare you! :o)

  4. Hi Kevin, I was able to order… Well, pre order on the sams site and pay for it. It did say sing wouldn’t be until the 2nd week of June, or 3rd. Did you enter your zip code so it would select your store near you?

  5. HeyTanya, How did you get the order to go through? It shows backorder but won’t allow me to put it in the cart? Did you order it in store?

  6. Nice swingset, I’m sure the kids will enjoy it!

  7. Clarissa says:

    We bought a playset at Sam’s a couple years ago. Its probably similar in size to this one. Hopefully they worked out a little problem they had when we got ours….the company (I am sure its the same company as this one, it has a similiar look to it) put the parts labeling stickers on the like 10,000 pieces and they all fell off in the box. So we had no idea what was a part J and what was a DD. we had to take every single piece out and measure and compare to a very long parts list and seperate it all into piles. That alone took days to do! seriously. THen building it…well just be prepared for a many day adventure! Their instructions were a little confusing as they kept switching their picture orientation around and you had to figure where they wanted whatever they wanted to go. It is a great set, now that its together, and has provided our family with lots of fun. It was a marriage tester, though,putting it together and I swear I nearly picked up a part TT a few times and whacked my husband in the head with it!!

  8. Oh how FUN!

  9. That looks like so much fun! For sure I need to come stay with you just so we can swingggggggg

  10. @Jennifer @ J. Leigh Designz, You ARE coming to help put it together.. right? B-) I know it will take a while, but I am so excited that the kids will finally have a swing set to play on. Playing on the deck gets old. LOL

  11. Oh that looks super fun! Love the look-out at the top!! Weeeeeeee!

  12. Thats a sweet swingset. Have fun putting that together. We have a smaller Disney version and it took an entire weekend and my hubs has a contractors license!

  13. that is so awesome!! I’m happy for you guys. Our playset is the best thing that ever happened for my boys, gets used every single day.

  14. WOW :yahoo:

  15. Very cool! Man, your house is going to be THE place to play at!

  16. Looks like a TON of FUN!