Kidz Bop Greatest Hits 15 – Available now!

My kids are madly in love with all the current music hits and pop stars, but there are a lot of lyrics that I, as a parent, don’t really want my kids to hear… just yet anyway. lol The kids are getting to an age where they love to play their own music on their iPods on long road trips or in their rooms while they’re supposed to be cleaning. I adore Kids Bop in so many ways. The kids are so close to my kids’ ages, so it’s like they can ‘relate’ to them.

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I love that the kids with Kids Bop sing today’s greatest hits, but some of the words and phrases are changed a bit to make them more kid friendly. We have several Kids Bop CD’s, but when a greatest hits comes out, the kids are beyond excited to check it out. We received the newest Greatest Hits 15 album and here’s what’s on it.

Kids Bop Greatest Hits


Personally, I could totally live without #12: The Fox, but hey – the kids love it.

Do you have young ones that love today’s hits, but you aren’t a fan of the adult lyrics? Kids Bop is the way to go. It’s great for a birthday gift, or just because. You buy Kids Bop in most retailers and you can also download the album on iTunes. As a parent, I highly recommend the Kids Bop albums!

For more information, be sure to check out You can also find Kids Bop on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.