Kitchen Remodel {Update}

I haven’t been online too much lately. I have been working on my kitchen & making trips to Omaha twice this weekend to bring home some cabinets, a pantry & a countertop. I am super excited about the progress! I hired a contractor to come in and rip out the wall that was originally behind the fridge so that I could move the fridge back in to the pantry area to make more room in my kitchen. Since we have a 2 story 1900 home, we can’t just rip out a wall in case it is a weight bearing wall. The guys did a great job!

Today, I went back to Home Depot, as well as Menards, to price an end base cabinet and to see what options I had to create a pantry. I was going to make my own, but I found a pantry at Home Depot that was reasonably priced at $199 and the space was perfect! Well, when I opened the pantry, it was broken on the top, towards the back, as well as the back panel had a hole in it. It looked almost like it fell in shipment or a forklift damaged it. I asked if I could take that one, and if it would be discounted. They sold it to me, as is, for $98 – Half off! I was so excited!

This cabinet is 84 inches tall, 24 inches wide & 24 inches deep. Guess what? It fit in my Borrego, along with the countertop and another base cabinet.

My next projects are:

  • Close in the door to make a wall, or you can call it a fake wall, so that from the inside, it will be a complete wall.
  • Repair/plaster around the electrical box above the fridge (there were 3 hot wires that were original to the house that were just dangling)
  • Paint the walls
  • Stain the cabinets
  • Put pantry cabinet next to fridge
  • Set up base cabinets
  • Put on countertop
  • Hang wall cabinets

For now, this is what my kitchen looks like.

There will be an opening on the bottom base cabinets for the heater vent & the cabinets will be wall mounted… The countertop will be on as well and not the white shelves that I have on there now.

Here’s a walk through just after the guys finished taking the wall out.

I cannot wait to get this finished! If you are looking at kitchen remodeling, you can easily do it yourself for a fraction of the price! The cabinets ranged in price anywhere from $20 to $98. The countertop was $30. The most expensive part was the contractor to take the wall out & that was $480.00.

Here’s a before pic to show you what I’ve done.

I will keep you posted on the progress. This is like a huge life size puzzle. So much fun!


  1. Brings back memories. We did our whole house over and that included the kitchen and bathrooms. We also took out a small wall in the kitchen and redid the whole thing-floors, cabinets, everything. I am so glad it is done and I love it!
    We have an old house also and the love the funkyness of it.

  2. Being married to a carpenter, I can tell ya, you have to be
    either a patient person or doing it yourself to put up with the
    mess & the time to redo either a kitchen or a bathroom!
    Both are the most time consuming (if you’re doing it right) and the
    most inconvenient to do as well as probably the 2 most expensive to
    do rooms on your home. Looking good Tanya!

  3. looking good!!!

  4. I can’t wait to see it. It’s going to be awesome. YAY for half off the cabinet!

  5. Can’t wait to see the finished product