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We may live in a small town, but no size of town means that you are safe from a break-in. We live in a 1900 home, so it isn’t the tightest of houses when it comes to security, but now that I have been introduced to LifeShield, I do have to say that I feel a bit better about having

What is Lifeshield?

LifeShield knows how important safety is to all moms, and also understands how hard it can be to find a worthwhile security system that’s inside the family budget. We at LifeShield would love to offer you a free home security kit for your review in your blog, as well as discounts for your readers! I’d like to introduce you and your readers to this highly sophisticated, “plug and play”, do-it-yourself, wireless system that is revolutionizing the home security industry.

Many children come home to an empty house. Now with LifeShield Wi-Fi cameras you can see your child walk through the front door and be assured that they are safe – all within a few seconds. LifeShield can also notify you if a scheduled event doesn’t occur. Should your child not arrive home at the expected time, the system will alert you via text message. This is in addition to LifeShield’s already family-aware technology – the system can even be used as a baby monitor! LifeShield is also perfect for families who do not own their home; since it is not a hard-wired system it can be easily installed anywhere.

LifeShield offers both mobile and e-mail alerts – meaning users can monitor their home from anywhere in the world and will be alerted about any issue, at a moment’s notice. LifeShield offers 8+ sensors for windows, doors and cabinets. These sensors can be used to protect dangerous parts of the home, such as liquor, firearms, and medicine cabinets. LifeShield helps you keep your children safe and out of harm’s way.

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We received The Essential Kit, and our system is also be hooked up to a central station.

The Essential Kit includes:

  • The Base
  • Console
  • Handset
  • 3 Sensors
  • Yard Sign
  • Window Stickers

We have been using LifeShield for over a month now. The installation was super easy! Here’s what we received and our steps of installation:

The installation was SO easy, so clear to read and understand!
LifeShield Security (13)

LifeShield Security (12)

LifeShield Security (8)

LifeShield Security (9)

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LifeShield Security (4)

LifeShield Security (14)

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LifeShield Security (7)

LifeShield Security (11)

We added three sensors to three main areas in our house. They were very easy install and to get activated. We don’t have a home phone (just cell phones), so this system is nice that it works through your Wi-Fi. Each time we leave, we set it on ‘away’, and it gives us 45 seconds to alarm and leave the house. Once we arrive back home, we enter the house, and we have 30 seconds to disarm the system and enter our code otherwise the police will come.

While I am home, I like to set the system on ‘Stay’. This allows me to be home, but have the alarm activated. You never know when you need the extra security and since Kambry and I are home all day, every day – this works great!

When we are all home, and about to go to bed, we will set on ‘Instant’. We enter our arming code and the system is automatically armed.

You can compare the “Alarm Monitoring” package prices by logging on the website. I found that the prices are surprisingly affordable AND you don’t have to have a home phone line either. The prices range from $19.99 to $29.99 and if you refer up to 5 people for service, you can earn free service for life! Here is a link to the site which explains each part.

If you have an iPhone, Droid, or BlackBerry Smartphone you can download the app for free! The app lets you control your system directly from your phone.

Overall – this system is amazing! We have had a great experience with LifeShield and see our family using this from here on our. If you own your home, you are also able to claim LifeShield to your home owners insurance and get a discount off your rates! The rates are very affordable and by far the lowest that I have ever seen for a home security system!

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For more information and to compare plans, please visit

LifeShield is offering my Blog followers $50.00 off the HomeKit and one month free monitoring. In order to obtain the discount all you have to do is visit The promo coupon code to be used is “momdeal50”. Customers will click the link, go to the landing page, and then enter the promo code.

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