Logitech Indoor Video Security Master System *Review & Giveaway!!

ltlogoIf you were to ask me a year ago if we needed in home video surveillance, I am not really sure what I would say, but now that we are in our new home (well, old home, but new location), our home is 2 story and there are times where I would like to be able to be upstairs putting away laundrlogitech2y, but I would like to know what is going on around my house, on my deck, while I am doing the things I need to get done. Also, what would you think if you had the ability to watch what was going on in or around your home from the internet, in the event that you are away from your home? Guess what? Logitech allows just that now! I didn’t believe it until I had the chance to use the Logitech® Indoor Video Security Master System. I cannot even express how easy this was to get installed! EASY isn’t really a word for it. I installed the CD to my computer, plugged in the outlets and set the Logitech® Indoor Security Camera to a key point in my house and walah – installed! The Logitech® Indoor Security Camera is easily moved around to where you need or would like to keep an eye on within your home. If I am upstairs cleaning or doing whatever, I can move the Logitech® Indoor Security Camera to my dining area, where is a key area in our home, or if I am doing work at my desk, I can put the camera on the window at my deck to watch the kids playing. I am very amazed with the technology that is available in today’s age!

Logitech® Indoor Video Security Master System

It’s all plug and play. Using innovative HomePlugTM technology, the Logitech® Indoor Video Security Master System transmits encrypted video over existing electrical wires straight to your PC.

Easy setup gets you up and running fast.

  • Three simple steps: Install Logitech® Command Center PC software, connect the USB receiver, and plug in the camera anywhere around the home or office. Installation takes 15 minutes.
  • No-hassle setup: No new wires to run, no network configuration.

See live footage or store it for later replay.

  • Automatic video storage: Intelligent camera detects motion, recording video directly to your PC’s hard drive for easy playback and archiving.
  • Powerful search and playback tools: Review stored video footage from prior hours, days, or weeks.
  • Intuitive Windows interface: Easily navigate and set your preferences.
  • Motion-activated cell-phone and e-mail alerts: Quickly update you when you’re on the go. Receive text or video messages if there is motion at your property.
  • Expandable system: Monitor video for up to six cameras simultaneously.

Two viewing options when you’re on the go.

  • Free remote viewing via the Internet: View live video from your WiLife account-anywhere, anytime.
  • Windows Mobile® cell phone accessible: Check on your home or business even when you’re on the go.

Mix-and-match versatility.

  • Expandable for maximum coverage: Add up to five additional Logitech® Indoor, Outdoor, or Spy Add-On Cameras in any combination to any Logitech® Master System.
  • Multiple indoor-mounting options: Attach to a window (facing in or out), place on a desktop, or mount to a wall for optimum positioning.
  • Attractive design: Camera seamlessly fits in with home and office furniture.

Package Contents

  • Logitech® Indoor Security Camera
  • Logitech® USB receiver
  • Logitech® Camera power supply
  • Logitech® Command Center PC software
  • Window mount
  • Desktop stand
  • Wall mount
  • Window decals
  • USB cable
  • Camera ethernet cable (10-foot, 3.05-meter)

Product Accessories

  • Spy Add-On Camera
  • Discreetly monitor your home or office with a stylish camera.
  • Outdoor Add-On Security Camera
  • Monitor your home, your garage, and much more.
  • Indoor Add-On Security Camera
  • Use inside your home or office.

One thing that is great about the Logitech® Indoor Security Camera is that if you are away from your home, you have the ability to live stream on your cell phone (for those cell phones that are able to), as well as you can log on to the internet and view your home in live motion. If you choose, you can also have your cell phone or email alerted when there is motion in your house. Very cool! This is absolutely amazing technology especially if you want to go out on a date night with your hubby and you area really curious as to how the baby sitter is going while you are out. Spying? Nope. You are checking in, as needed.

I have been using the Logitech® Indoor Security Camera for a week now and I truly do not know how we lived without it. I use it on a daily basis. When the kids are napping upstairs, I go upstairs to work out on my Elliptical. I can easily move my Logitech® Indoor Security Camera to my entry way and I can keep an eye on my front door for deliveries or visitors on my laptop upstairs. When the kids get up from their naps and we are all downstairs, I move the camera to the deck where I can be inside with Kambry and am able to keep an eye on Tucker while he is playing in his playhouse on the desk. Technology is truly amazing!

Have I ‘Woo’d’ you yet?

Would you like to win a Logitech® Indoor Video Security Master System?


For extra entries:

  • To win, please visit Logitech’s website
  • Come back here and post to me something else that Logitech has to offer and how it can help you!


Just the little tidbits about entries and what not ;-)

  • Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact the winner.
  • Winner will be chosen at RANDOM and backed up by post content, so be sure to post something other than ‘pick me’ ;)
  • US Entries only
  • ONE (1) winner will win a Logitech® Indoor Video Security Master System
  • Winner will be contacted via Email. If no response in 2 days, another winner will be drawn
  • ARP of this prize is $299.99

Contest will run from
February 9 2009
and will end on
Mach 2, 2009
at midnight; central time.


  1. I think I want this monitoring system the most from Logitech! We just moved into a cute house in a not so savory neighborhood and I’m kind of paranoid!

  2. michelle maddock says:

    I like the wave key board.

  3. Ok, I am simply drooling over the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard. My hubby likes to watch tv with the lights on low, making it hard to type when I am working at the desk. Of course any of the add-on for the security system would be sweet too. Thanks for the contest.

  4. the wireless mouse is what i would go for … but the Logitech security camera is what we would need. With 4 little ones it would be great to keep an eye on them when they play outside …

    great giveaway !! thanks 🙂

  5. The video monitoring system would be fun to have. I could see if the cats actually ever move from the sofa when I’m not there.

  6. I think that the Cordless Number Pad for Notebooks would really help me since I enter a large amount of numerical data on my laptop.

  7. Carrie Zeiter says:

    We have had our eye on the Harmony Universal remote for a while. Right now we have three remotes that work the tv, dvd and cable box, it would be great to just use one!

  8. Dierdra Byrd says:

    G19 Keyboard for Gaming would be really nice for gameing! I need a new keyboard!

  9. Cindy Phillips says:

    The Logitech Indoor Video Security Master System would really get a lot of use in my home. I could keep an eye on my son while getting some things done. When I’m home alone with my son, I could put this in the window to see who is at the door so I know if I should open it or not.

  10. Cindy Phillips says:

    I really like the Logitech Harmony Remote. My husband is constantly trying to show me how to use all the remotes but it’s just too much for me. The harmony would sure simplify things.

  11. Marilyn Wons says:

    The QuickCam Connect would be a great device for me. I would love to communicate with my grandsons with this!

  12. This would be great to have in our house. We live in Chicago and it is a pretty safe neighborhood, but you never know. I would use it to keep an eye out on our grage since we have had it broken into once this past summer.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  13. Logitech has some great wireless mouse to offer.

  14. I would choose a wireless keyboard with a wireless mouse. I would like this for my home.

  15. I would have to pick one of their wireless mouses also. Thanks for the entry.

  16. The Illuminated Keyboard is great for when I wake up at night but don’t want ot wake my husband!

  17. The Harmony remote is CRAZY!! I bet I could program it to parallel park my car and make lasagnae while it is washing my dishes! 🙂

  18. The logitech nano cordless mouse would really help me because the touchpad on my laptop makes my wrist ache!

  19. keith james says:

    they market a laser notebook 5 button mouse i would love to have

  20. yes i want to win!

  21. I also like the Cordless Desktop Wave Pro. I need a new keyboard and mouse. I would use this security system at my house because I live where no neighbors can see or hear me (unless they are quiet outside). I could use this because I am always scared someone will break in my house and no one will see them to know who it was. This way I could see. Thanks so much for the chance.

  22. This security camera would be fantastic around the house. Being as how I will be moving into my first house here in about 3 months I am already worried about monitoring my stuff no matter what part of the country I go to. I would probably be using this to keep an eye on my garage or any other valuables around the street-side of the house. Thanks for putting this on.

  23. Here is my blog entry: http://medstuanesthesia.blogspot.com/

  24. Here is my tweet: http://twitter.com/craigkes

  25. I am a big fan of the logitech harmony remote control. It sounds petty but I like it and with everyone having an increasing number of electronic devices in the home it would be handy and convenient to have.

  26. A logitech wireless mouse would make it easier for me to use my computer.

  27. We would love to have a QuickCam® Pro 9000. We live quite a distance from our families and would love to be able to see and communicate to one another in real time. How fun that would be!

  28. We have a hidden entrance so we can’t see the street. When people drive up we don’t know who or what they are here for. This would help keep our home safe. We also travel quite a bit so we would feel a lot better knowing we had some “eyes” at our house.

  29. The Logitech security camera could help me keep an eye on my dogs while I’m away.

  30. That Harmony One Remote would be excellent for my family room

  31. I would love to point this camera out a front window so I could see who is at the door if I am at the other end of the house.

  32. Nice prize, would use it in my home.


  34. tammy hankins says:

    cool prize

  35. Janelle J. says:

    My son is three and I have yet to trust anyone to babysit him yet, so the husband and I have not been on a date in FOREVER. This system would surely provide me with peace of mind. I like that you can review footage. That way if you had to accuse someone of wrongdoing the evidence is right there. Thanks!

  36. I love their Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution – Bluetooth® keyboard and rechargeable laser mouse. It’s an awesome combination and looks so sleek and lethal besides! It’s something that Hubby could put to good use in his office.

    Thanks for this great giveaway!
    callmeabookworm at gmail dot com

  37. Sweet!

  38. The QuickCam® Orbit AF would be great for visiting with long distance relatives. Thanks!

  39. I think the Logitech Harmony would be really useful in our household. We have several remote controls for a variety of items, it would be helpful to be able to use just one.

  40. i’d love to add the G51 surround sound speakers to my brand new computer! it’s the only thing missing!

  41. great prize

  42. Jennifer G says:

    Since I’m slightly paranoid and completely lazy, I think the security system would be awesome to see who is coming and going and whatnot.

  43. Jennifer G says:

    I would love the Comfort Lapdesk for Notebooks since I use my laptop, well, on my lap!

  44. Logitech Harmony, eliminate 4 remotes.

  45. The Logitech® Indoor Video Security Master System would definitely be cool not to mention useful. It would be great for watching puppies from work. Although I probably wouldn’t get much done… But mostly for the old lady for the same reason. She’s 14 and starting to fail. I know it’s just a matter of time, but I would feel better if I could check on her more frequently when I’m not home. Besides, if I could record her bedba (only marginly confused with roomba) routine I could win America’s Funniest Home Videos! When I’m not around she likes to move the dog beds around the room and sometimes stack them as well.

  46. very nice!

  47. Although it’s not fancy or high end, the TrackMan® Wheel is fantastic. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and this mouse keeps me from the motions that affect my wrist. Although my thumb gets tired from time to time.

  48. Debra Stuebs says:

    Hello, the harmony remote would be my choice. I would love to be able to use one remote to control everything. I would really love the security device. I have 3 kids and one is autistic. It would be so very comforting to know I could check in on all of them but especially him when I need to be away from home. Thanks for a great and informative review of the product. It did make me one to purchase one…but I’d rather win it!! 🙂

  49. The Logitech Company has won 7 CES innovative awards for design and engineering. They have a excellent reputation. We need a security camera because we have 4 kids and I would feel better if we could see who was at the door. Thanks for awesome giveaway.

  50. The Logitech Indoor Video Security Master System offers a huge dose of piece of mind. To be able to know what’s going on in and outside of your home is a blessing these days. To keep an eye on the kids and “goings” on while you’re away….priceless!

  51. Logitech’s Harmony remote would save my sanity! Our remote is currently in pieces and you have to juggle them to get it to work….

  52. A Logitech webcam would be a sweet addition! I have a son in Japan; this would help make the distance disappear.

  53. Susan Kieu says:

    I love the Logitech G25 Racing Wheel. It would be great to experience a realistic racing experience.

  54. I like the simple products like the wireless mouse and keyboard. Very cool. I would really like to win this. It looks really convenient.

  55. Maureen Hinsey says:

    I would love to feel closer to friends & family with the QuickCam Pro 9000 web cam. I could REALLY use this!!

  56. david basile says:

    we can use it the store to keep a eye on things

  57. paul haddock says:

    What a great idea!

  58. I could definitely use this to have trained eye on my mailbox and the front door!

  59. Erin Walsh says:

    With free remote viewing through the internet, you could check on the pets while you’re at work. Kind of a mommy can for the fur lovers set.

  60. Erin Walsh says:

    I really like the “Squeezebox Boom” It plays any digital music file and it’s wireless. I would love to listen to music outdoors without any wires to trip over.

  61. Lisa Overcash says:

    Wow, this would be really neat. I use a logitech webcam and I’m very pleased with it.

  62. Entering Mom to win – she could use this! It’s great. Thanks.

  63. Catalina K says:

    We could definitely use the Harmony® 510 Advanced Universal Remote. With so many absolutely practical gadgets and gizmos our household possesses at the moment, a remote for every one of them can easily cause confusion.

  64. The MX Air™ Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse would sure help me save on batteries!

  65. They also have Logitech® Wave Keyboard which would help me because typing too much can be painful sometimes.

  66. Sally Sundeen says:

    The QuickCam Vision Pro…is something that I couldn’t live without…and am amazed that I still haven’t gotten one! I have family all over and I love it when they send me videos. If always wanted to get a webcam so I can talk to someone and they can see me. Like when my daughter’s father is away on business, or to send Grandma and Grandpa a hello! Love it!

  67. The QuickCam Orbit AF webcam looked pretty cool. It has motorized tracking. That is the collest feature.
    This prize is really cool. I like that you don’t need any wires to hook it up. I hope I win!!

  68. I like the Wave Keyboard™ ~~ I cannot believe everyone does not use this type of keyboard. It’s so…. wonderful…thanks Logitech for great products!!

  69. Shirley Hodge says:

    I had my first Logitech keyboard when I moved to Scotland and I loved it. Now that I am back home in the US I naturally got a new keyboard as my UK keyboard was designed for use there so now I have the US version of Logitech keyboard and wouldn’t consider any other one but while looking over the Logitech website I found the Wave Keyboard and know that will be my next keyboard.

  70. Who’s doing what? Where? With this, I’ll know!!!



  72. This would allow me to keep an eye on my dog while I’m away…

  73. I would love to get the Harmony® One Advanced Universal Remote. We have a different remote for everything. I think my husband is the only one who knows what remote goes to what so I think this remote would help my life. Thanks.

  74. Michael Capp says:

    The Illuminated Keyboard would be great!

  75. I like the wireless mouse. I am so tired of the mouse cords getting snagged and giving me a headache.

  76. jffryclough says:

    i could have a lot of fun with this prize!

  77. a must win

  78. Cynthia Rockwell says:

    What a great visual monitor for the baby’s room!

  79. ralph mcgahagin says:

    this system is awesome. unlike many systems anyone who can install a program on a computer can install this system. no cables to run, no video cards to add to your system… does need a hard drive that is sizeable though.

  80. Dorothy Davidson says:

    Wireless keyboard and mouse.

  81. Rick Stafford says:

    The Harmony Universal Remote is way cool. To go from 6 remotes to 1 would be great. With the Logitech Security Master System I could finally find out who’s been swimming in our pool when we are not home.

  82. everyone needs to feel secure in their home

  83. Carol Lawrence says:

    Great prize,enter me.

  84. The indoor video system could help me in 2 ways: When my teenage son is home alone I can spy on him!!!! And 2, if I have a new babysitter and I’m a bit worried about it!!

  85. Logitech also sells laptop stands!! I need one of those to help me use my laptop on the couch, or on my lap!

  86. I would love to be able to watch the rest of my house from my home office.

  87. marleen davis says:

    I could watch all the comings and goings and see where my dvds have gone.

  88. Ken Robinson says:

    I like the Logitech X-540 5.1 surround sound system. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  89. Richard W James says:

    My next purchase is the Logitech Quick cam Pro 9000 I just installed a Voice over IP phone system and connected my computer to my large TV the camera will give me a complete picture phone system

  90. wendy wallach says:

    I would love the video phone system so I can see my best friend and her family who live quite a ways away from me!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  91. The security camera would be a great help when my children are outside playing. Because I could keep a eye on them and not have to run out and check on them all the time. It would also give me piece of mind knowing when we were away from home we could check on things at home.
    angelacisco at rocketmail.com

  92. I would love to have the diNovo Media Desktop Laser. We play a lot of games and having such a nice mouse and keyboard set would be so nice.

  93. Would love to win this system!

  94. WOW–could really use this security system–( seems really simple)at my other house,remote access seems great.

    So you guys reallly make other stuff besides the great mouse I use for WOW.

    can’t wait to test it out.

    Thanks for the contest

  95. The Harmony remote would be a solution to the multiple remotes I now have.

  96. I’ve always had great luck with Logitech’s products, a real innovative company that produces quality techware. The security system would be a welcome addition here and put to good use monitoring the household!

  97. I didn’t know logitech did security stuff…looks very easy to use. A quickcam pro 9000 is on my shopping list…I’ve heard it works great with skype and has excellent video quality. Thanks!

  98. David Guss says:

    I’d like the wireless mouse. It would be nice to have for my laptop.

  99. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    Quickcam Pro 9000. With Skype 4 coming out recently, I would want a rock solid product to use to videoconference with friends

  100. I would love the illuminated keyboard! I have always wanted one. This security system would be soooooo awesome!! Thanks for the contest!!!!! 🙂

  101. I would love the G11 Gaming Keyboard for my husband. I would use the security so I can see downstairs when my husband leaves for work at 2am. I always feel unsafe when my husband is not here and I’m alone with the kids specially late at night.

  102. this system would be awesome!

  103. I am simple. I would like their wireless mouse for my new laptop.

  104. Colleen S says:

    I like the universal Harmony Remote,…It will be mine.Oh yes, it will be mine.

  105. Debbie Lott says:

    We are country folks and live back a lane–these camera’s would surely benefit us.
    Expandable for maximum coverage: Add up to five additional Logitech® Indoor, Outdoor, or Spy Add-On Cameras in any combination to any Logitech® Master System.
    Multiple indoor-mounting options: Attach to a window (facing in or out), place on a desktop, or mount to a wall for optimum positioning.
    Attractive design: Camera seamlessly fits in with home and office furniture.

  106. Julia Magrath says:

    Our neighborhood’s a bit “iffy”, I’ve been wanting something like this.

  107. The Logitech Indoor Video Security System would be perfect for my daughter. She lives in the country, with no neighbors nearby. She is often alone with her small children. This system would give me (and her) peace of mind!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  108. I love the Premium Notebook Headset, I could listen to music without disturbing my family!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  109. The security cam would help my keep an eye on the front door/mailbox. Ive had boxes from ebay show up and they have “dissapeared” before i came home to open them up.

  110. Since I travel so much I could really use the KINETIK 15.4 briefcase. Seems like it would have lots of room for all my stuff and my laptop. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  111. Linda Lansford says:

    Logitech security camera will help me feel safe

  112. timothy l says:

    i could have used this last week someone stole stuff in my back yard.

  113. Janice Whitaker says:

    Everyone needs this piece of mind these days!

  114. I appreciate the fact that Logitech offers free shipping on orders in excess of $75. Many times shipping charges control what I purchase since the fees add greatly to the price of the object I’d like to buy.

    Thank you for offering such a practical and useful prize.

  115. susan varney says:

    i could use a web cam like the quick cam pro 9000

  116. This would be fantastic!! We just bought a new house and a new baby on the way. This would add some added secure feeling. Hope I win!

  117. Robert Roche says:

    Feelin’ safer already

  118. jffryclough says:

    now i can keep an ‘eye’ on myself!

  119. Great giveaway , sure would like to win.

  120. The webcam would be neat to have, I’d love to share my latest yard sale finds with the other members of the family that also love to bargain shop

  121. This would be great even though I live in a rural area couple years ago someone broke in neighbor’s house.

  122. sally wess says:

    i like the luminated keyboard.. how cool.
    the security system i would give to my youngest daughter who is moving intuse for the first time, by herself. it’s not a bad neighborhood just an old one. this would make me feel safer for her. being 2000 miles away, i worry.

  123. The QuickCam® Pro 9000 would be super for keeping in touch with all the grandparents, they could talk to and see the kids despite living so far away

  124. THis would be wonderful. I am starting a home based business and this would help me keep tabs on what is going on with the kids and with the babysitter in the house while I am in the office. I could also keep an eye on my youngest when he is napping upstairs while I am playing with his older brother downstairs

  125. michael woods says:

    I think the Logitech security camera would be great to keep an eye on our new puppy

  126. I could use a new remote. I like this one that controls the xbox too. Harmony® Advanced Universal Remote for Xbox 360®

  127. I want this so bad. I work in the back end of the house and would really like to be able to see what’s going on elsewhere.

  128. Eileen L. says:

    I can see where this would create a lot of “peace of mind”.

  129. Lisa Ocelnik says:

    I am trying to figure out who keeps eating all of the food!!! Both of my daughters blame each other!! I think this would be great to figure out who really “stole the cookies outta the cookie jar!”


  130. Martha H. says:

    I like their speakers. Plus the security system would be really handy.

  131. Christine says:

    I’d love to try their Pure-Fi dream. I’m not big on earphones and this would make it so easy to enjoy my iPod music.

    The Logitech® Indoor Video Security Master System would be wonderful for us because we have a pool and I worry about anyone getting in and getting hurt so I could monitor it in the summer so much easier. Of course, I’d love to use it simply for home security also.

    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  132. Twittered about!


  133. As to the Security System, my wife and I have two girls, 6 and 10, and there are times when I do worry about them (all three of them) and their safety. Also, I really like the fact that I could see via the internet. Makes it handy for spot checks on the house.

  134. I have to say out of all the items on the Logitech Website, (of which we use their keyboards and mice) I really like the Squeezebox™ Duet. The ability to stream our internet music is awesome!

  135. Christy Weller says:

    I really like the Alto™ Cordless notebook stand, It would really help me with my laptop and keeping it at the right level for viewing.

    This security system would really help me to feel safe and it would be really easy to hook up.

    I also twittered this contest. https://twitter.com/cweller75

  136. My home was broken into before. Though I don’t consider myself paranoid, I have been more concerned, and occasionally uneasy, about it. I have no intention of moving out. Logitech’s Security System would add a measure of reassurance for me. Even a little more confidence would mean a lot to me right now.

  137. Logitech’s G51 Surround Sound Speaker System would be absolutely nifty. For some reason, my computer speakers aren’t terribly loud, and certainly aren’t good quality. I’d love it if Logitech helped put some life in my digital music.

    Generous giveaway. Thanks!

  138. Dan Smith says:

    The Logitech Harmony would be a grat way to get rid of all the remotes that I have

  139. ellen cunningham says:

    I could use the v10 notebook speakers because the ones I have now are horrible. I love to watch tv online when I can.

  140. I could definately use two of Logitech’s universal remotes! It’s difficult to settle down to a relaxing evening of watching or listening to something when you have to figure out which remote is which.

  141. sandra kao says:

    i could really use the MX Air mouse because it’s cordless and rechargeable

  142. Teresa Davidson says:

    Love the look!

  143. veronica sandberg says:

    we really need this, but hey I liked the wireless mouse too

  144. Kelly Jones says:

    I’d definately feel more safe and secure in my own home, in the neighborhood I live. Thanks for the contest, hope to win, as I could really use this. Thanks.

  145. Harmony Warren says:

    This product would offer me the confidence to feel more safe and secure for my newborn baby and I !! The Harmony universal remote is a unique, great feature!

  146. Frances Carty says:

    The Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote would be very useful.

  147. kimberly b says:

    Oh and I also like the wireless mouse.
    Thanx for the contest.

  148. kimberly b says:

    I love this gadget it would be soo useful, and its extremely affordable too. The reason I would love to win this puppy is because my husband works nights sometimes and I have two small children. Plus I live in the middle of nowhere it gets pretty scarey sometimes.
    Also we have new neighbors that look extremely shady. When we go on VACA I would love to see that my house is okey dokey.

  149. Jennifer Monteiro says:

    Longtech also carries web cams like QuickCam Pro 900. This would help us communicate with my husband’s family in Brazil.

  150. Ann Fantom says:

    I love Logitech’s keyboards and mice!

  151. Karen Gonyea says:

    I’d like the universal remote 🙂

  152. I really like the webcams…

  153. Gary Collister says:

    This Logitech Security system would be a great thing for my wife and I to have since we watch our Grandchildren on a regular basis; especially since our Grandchildren vary in age from 5 months old to 4 years old. Good luck to everyone else who has entered this sweepstakes.

  154. amy ormsby says:

    i love the Pure-Fi Dream speaker set.

  155. Tracey Byram says:

    I could definitely use a Logitech Universal Remote. I have 6 different remotes now and I always pick up the one I need last.

  156. stacie rodgers says:

    One thing from their site that would be helpful is the harmony universal remote control. We have so many remotes floating around, it never fails we can’t find them when we need them. If we had one truly universal remote, it would make life so much easier.

    This camera system is awesome as well. I have been thinking about these kinds of things as we are venturing down the road of home ownership.

  157. Ruth Bousquet says:

    The Harmony is great to eliminate the remotes. The Video security is simply awesome with it’s way too cool and unique features…unbelievable and not a bad price at all.

  158. I got your blog, RIGHT HERE!


  159. Dana Durec says:

    Unfortunately, in this day and age this is almost a must have.

  160. I own a blind dog that can get into trouble very easily. The Logitech Indoor Video Security Master System would allow me to keep an eye on her when we’re in different parts of the house.

  161. Logitech has this Comfort Lapdesk for Notebooks. Right now I’m using a small cardboard box with a strip of plywood on top to provide “wings” on both sides of my laptop for extra storage.

  162. We live in a dumpy old trailer and so we could really use this!

  163. This would help me not to be worried so much if my daughter starts staying home alone.

  164. They have a quick cam vision pro that i like

  165. http://twitter.com/britzy2/status/1191877034
    wonderfullymade729 at gmail dot com

  166. MM32 Portable Speakers For Ipod would come in handy! We could use this at home anytime, but it’s also small enough for travel or taking out by the pool!
    wonderfullymade729 at gmail dot com

  167. This would really help me keep an eye on my kids! I have a 9 year old autistic son and a 9 month old daughter. It would really be helpful for my son’s safety!

  168. I could really use the FreePulse™ Wireless Headphones. I would love to win this! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    janine at lovegiveaways.com

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    jeanilynne at gmail dot com

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  171. We recently moved our small business from home to a multi-tenant building. Due to the cost of the recent move we can’t afford a security system yet. We now have our doors open to the public to view the showroom but leaves our office and workshop with vulnerability since they are all housed together. The Logitech Indoor Video Security Master system would solve the problem that is in the back of our minds if the unthinkable happens until we could afford a security system.

  172. The Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote would help at our house. We have so many different remotes that just add more clutter. I would love to have one eye pleasing remote sitting on the coffee table.

  173. My daughter is a violinist and her teacher is sometimes “on the road” the QuickCam® Orbit AF would make long distance lessons a possibility. With 2 teens in the house the Logitech® Indoor Video Security Master System would make checking up on them a breeze!

  174. adrienne Gordon says:

    the wrieless mouse would be great, we have multiple computer and for laptops, i hate using the pad.

  175. MRS.MOMMYY says:

    harmony remote looks awesome- I have been looking for something all in one

  176. The illuminated keyboard would be nice to have.

  177. I hate it when people stand out of view of the window and I can not see who they are. The would help that problem. I would love my dh to be able to watch the door from work also. I am scared of my own shadow, so I would love this. I would also love the QuickCam Pro for Notebooks we are big skyp fans.

  178. Jennifer B. says:

    Logitech carries a cool USB Desktop Microphone.

  179. Jennifer B. says:

    Sometimes when I am home alone, I would feel much more secure with a system in place to help protect my home.

  180. I’m keen on the Illuminated Keyboard- I use my computer a lot at night & prefer the lights to be dim- but that makes some aspects of keyboarding awkward- problem solved with illuminated keyboard!

    I think the security system is brilliant- workwise we need to monitor a retail space that is accessible to the public, but spend 95% of our time in the backroom where it is next to impossible to hear the entry chime when someone steps in.

    This sounds truly great, I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem but this product opens up far better possible solutions. I’m definitely going to pass this one along. I can see how it us totally useful at home also- a visual doorbell, if you wil, one that is mobile to boot.

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  182. Premium Bluetooth Wireless Technology,
    wireless rechargeable laser mouse and a detached one-touch media pad.
    That would be fantastic as it is all cordless and my stuff is always getting tangled up.

  183. Christy G. says:
  184. Christy G. says:
  185. Christy G. says:

    The Logitech security camera could help me keep an eye on my cats while I’m away.

  186. Christy G. says:

    The Logitech Harmony could help me get rid of all my remotes.

  187. Charles Wade says:

    I have had packages stolen off the porch, so the Logitech Indoor Video Security Master System would be great.

  188. The Squeezebox Duet seems so cool…I could definitely use that to help simplify things! 😀

  189. Phil Schneider says:

    The Logitech Indoor Video Security Master System would ease my mind considerably. Work and errands keep me away from home and the neighborhood
    I live in isn’t the safest. I’d hate to have some scumbag break into my home
    and go on a shopping spree. Protecting myself and my property is very important
    and this system could help me send a thug (or thugs) away in the event of a
    home invasion. I think if a big percentage of the population had this
    hardware up and running in their homes this would send a very powerful message
    to thieves everywhere that crime doesn’t pay. Inevitably they will be caught
    and do serious time with dangerous people.

  190. our home was broken into twice over the past year and we really need to get som better security.

    I love the

    Mix-and-match versatility.
    Expandable for maximum coverage: Add up to five additional Logitech® Indoor, Outdoor, or Spy Add-On Cameras in any combination to any Logitech® Master System.
    Multiple indoor-mounting options: Attach to a window (facing in or out), place on a desktop, or mount to a wall for optimum positioning.
    Attractive design: Camera seamlessly fits in with home and office furniture.

  191. Roblyn Honeysucker says:

    On the Logitech website, the Harmony Universal remote would be wonderful and enable us to get rid of about 7 other remotes we have around the house. I would love to win the Logitech security system. We have recently had numerous armed home invasions in my surrounding area during daylight and nighttime hours. This system would give me and my husband peace of mind that the intruder’s face could be caught on tape and preserved for police inspection.