Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe

I travel a lot. With those travels, come toting along small electronics, cash, credit cards and valuables such as jewelry. Most hotels will have a safe for you to use while you are staying, but what I have been looking for is something that I can take with me, that has my own combination and that can be used anywhere. Master Lock is here to save the day, and my travels!

Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe


Product Features:

  • Ideal for recreation, campus, office, travel or leisure use.
  • Lightweight & Portable. Protects MP3 players, cell phones, cameras, gaming devices, cash, credit cards, jewelry, keys, passports, sunglasses or other small valuables
  • Lock Up & Lock Down. Lock up valuables with the cable wrapped tightly to the safe or wrapped securely around a fixed object. Cable doubles as a carrying handle
  • Durable Water-Resistant Construction
  • Set-Your-Own-Combination for locking convenience
  • Ear Bud/Charging Cable Access Port
  • Shock absorbing foam lines the interior storage area

Best Used For:

  • Electronic devices, identity protection and credit card storage

Our thoughts:

Right out of the box, I loved the overall look, feel and weight of the Master Lock Portable Safe. It was more lightweight than I was expecting.


  • 10 inches long
  • 5 inches wide
  • 2 inches thick


The combination is just under a flap and is very easy to change to your preferred numbers. Directions on how to change your Master Lock Portable Safe combination are located here. Along with the combination, under the flap, are two arrow  buttons.


One button is to open the portable safe and the other is to release the cable so that you can use to secure around a fixed object.


This cable also duals as a strap to carry.


When not in use, the cable easily wraps around the safe itself.


Inside, the Master Lock Portable Safe is padded with a hock absorbing foam. I love this! You can easily put your items inside and pack in your suitcase meanwhile your items will remain safe.


Overall: I LOVE the Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe! The size, weight, padded inside, ease of use are all perfect. The cost is very reasonable as well. It lists for just under $28.00 retail, but you can purchase the Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe on the Master Lock website for right at $20.00, with free shipping! Looking for that extra security when you travel? I highly recommend the portable safe!

You can find out even more about the Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe, and other Master Lock products by visiting

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