Microsoft Touch Mouse

I have a laptop and while it has a touch pad for the mouse, I don’t like to use it. In a simple term, it just annoys me. I have to have an actual mouse. I tend to work faster with using a mouse. I had the chance to replace my current mouse with a Microsoft Touch Mouse. I will be honest and say that when I first got it, I wasn’t too sure I would like it and my confidence for my liking it after using it wasn’t too high.

Microsoft Touch Mouse

MS Touch Mouse

The new Microsoft Touch Mouse will make you love your Windows 7 computer even more than you already do.

7 gestures for Windows 7

  1. 360 scrolling
  2. Forward/Back
  3. Maximize/Minimize
  4. Snap
  5. Restore
  6. Instant Viewer
  7. Clear Desktop

The Touch Mouse’s multi-touch technology puts you in control with graceful slips and slides across the surface of the mouse, rather than clunky points and clicks. It transforms the way you work with Windows, so you can flick to quickly scroll and pan, or gesture to zoom, navigate, and manipulate content.

It’s as easy as one-two-three:

  1. Scroll or pan in any direction or page up and down with the touch of just one finger or thumb
  2. Simply slip two fingers left to right or up and down to dock, minimize, maximize, or restore a window
  3. Slide three fingers to close all windows, show the desktop, or open task switcher

Because the Touch Mouse features BlueTrack Technology, it works better than virtually any other mouse on just about any surface—the sofa cushion, glossy counter top, rough wood bench—you name it. Connect wirelessly through the USB nano transceiver for a 10-foot range. If you’re looking for an elegant mouse that gives you a fluid way to navigate Windows 7, look no further than the Touch Mouse.

Our thoughts


The Microsoft Touch Mouse is small in size, but not too small to fit in the hand. I love that it’s sleek and feels nice while using it.


Once you plug in the transceiver in one of your open USB ports on your laptop, or on your main PC. Once that is in, a window will pop up letting you know that a software is being installed to your computer. Once that is installed, your computer will then recognize the mouse.


With the pop up, you will also have an option to do a walk through tutorial on how to use the mouse itself. By using your fingers and even your thumb, you can ‘sweep’ your way through windows, organization of your windows and navigate smoothly around the windows that you have open.



When the mouse isn’t in use, the USB transceiver stores inside the mouse. I love this because when I travel, I like to take my mouse with me and there have been so many times that I have lost my USB transceiver. This storage is genius!



I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really like the Microsoft Touch Mouse. When I am in the living room doing some work to be around the family, with my old mouse, each click seems to get louder and louder. With the touch mouse, the clicks are silent. The sweeps of use are amazing and a is a technical genius creation. Instead of using one finger for the click, you are literally using 4 with multiple uses for sweeps and clicks making the work and navigation easier to get around.

Overall, I love the Microsoft Touch Mouse! I love everything about it and love that it has an interactive tutorial so that you can learn or do a refresher on the touch mouse. The price is a bit higher than I have paid for a mouse in the past, however you are able to do so much more with the mouse to make your work more effective and easier, so I do feel that the price is worth what all you get.

Retail: $79.95

For more information about the Microsoft Touch Mouse, visit Microsoft Store’s online site.

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  1. You had me sold until the price YIKES

  2. Sounds like a great product!

  3. I havent tried this type of mouse but I do have one of the other Microsoft mice for when I use my husbands (or anyones laptop) I have a movement disorder and cant use a touchpad at all and I love the way the usb hides in the back of this one.

    Great review!

  4. Lou Lange says:

    Great review! I will let my son know about this mouse! He has a laptop and his touch pad will get flaky now and again.