Mommy Goggles’ New Office!!!

Holy moly, it’s been a CRAZY, busy sweaty week working to get me an office built. As of today, I have an office….. without a washing machine in it! Read back  on the other posts to see what I mean. Winking smile

Here is my office as of today. YAY!!! I still have a wall to build up with white board & to cover some old pipes…


Gotta love my $5.00 Yard Sale find for Kambry… a Little Tikes pink vanity so she can sit at her ‘desk’ and work with mommy.




To see the true appreciation to my current office, you have to check out the BEFORE. Can you say DUNGEON?

oh, and I still have some mega blog organizing to do. Any offers for help? Bueller… Bueller…


I have a whole day, if not more, just to get these shelves organized for reviews & business needs. And to think, these are just two shelves. There’s about 5 more that look just like this.

I have some decorating projects coming up in which I will explain some more of the office in greater detail. Stay tuned on tips and ideas on how you can DIY your own home office with the space that you have!