Mommy’s DIY adventure!

Since I was announced as a Mom Central Whirlpool Mom, I had to show you what this mama could do. I shall not show you the current (aka: before) images, but I will share with you what I bought today. Ok, so a part of what I bought today. Let’s just say that I had to leave my purchases behind to go rent a trailer to tote my things home. No…. really.

Filled… What did I get, you ask?? Here’s a preview:

1 new shower (4 feet wide compared to our 1 feet wide now. LOL) , hammered glass doors, 1 base cabinet, 1 6 foot countertop & 20 sheets of drywall.



Emptied at home (before the next trip the next day!)


Tomorrow is a WHOOOOOOOOOOOOLE other day! Just wait for the next two weeks to come! Wheeeeeee!!!!


  1. Awesome Tanya, I can’t wait to see what you have planned. This is the one thing I will miss about my home being able to do things without getting permission.

    Good Luck On Your Journey !