Moms, Help Your Kids Help Your Mother…Earth!

We all know that a mom’s work is never done, so I can understand that after cleaning up the house maybe you don’t feel like you have enough energy to clean up the world. I hear ya! Luckily there’s help out there for you when it’s time to teach your kids about conservation and ecology and taking care of our planet—and it comes in a fun package from Think Earth.

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Turns out that parents’ responsibility to teach the kidlets about preserving our environment doesn’t have to be a bitter pill to swallow. Even the youngest school-age kids will enjoy the stories, videos and activities that make learning about the environment more like a game with songs, posters, fun sheets and badges you can download to color.

Colored Circles of Trees by Kids

Instead of an anti-littering lecture your kids probably don’t want to hear (and you probably don’t want to give!), why not a bedtime story about kids enjoying a tree house where they’re reminded that trees are awesome and take a long time to grow and shouldn’t be squandered by wasting paper.

By teaching kids from a young age that we are all part of the interconnected natural environment and giving them tools to make a difference in their own lives—like using fewer paper products to save trees (and money!) or saving water by not running the faucet while brushing their teeth—they learn the power of their own choices in helping Mother Earth. And their own mothers as well. Lord knows we all could use as much help as possible!

Check out all of the eco-fun activities here, which should help keep your kids busy, actively learning and productive all summer long.

Grade 2 Resource Guide Cover

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