Workout Wireless with Motorola S11-FLEX HD Bluetooth Headphones

Last summer, I decided to join our local gym. While we have an elliptical and a treadmill here at home, it’s good for the mind and soul to get out and socialize with other people, especially while working out. I’m pretty extremely technical, so when I go to the gym, I have to take my phone, iPod with headphones and my iPad. It looks like a technical whirlwind on my machine when I’m working out. The wires from my headphones and iPod usually get tangled around my arm while I’m walking and let’s not talk about the tangled mess when I start to run. I was asked to check out a cordless headset, and of course – I was beyond giddy to see how this could help my workouts!

Motorola S11-FLEX HD wpid-S11FLEXHD-2013-01-28-11-50.jpg

    Knots, snags and getting caught– don’t let wires get in the way of your workout. Break free and enjoy rich Bluetooth® sound that’s better than wired on the S11-FLEX HD headphones.
    With five adjustment points, ear stems that lengthen and rotate and even different ear buds to choose from, the S11-FLEX HD will fit and stay put like no other headphones. So whether you’re rock climbing or jamming on your commute, these headphones are the perfect pair.
    Crystal clear highs, dynamic mid-range and body-thumping bass outperform even the best wired headphones. Advanced acoustic design delivers audio that will power you through a tough workout, long commute or just another manic Monday.
    Five EQ settings give you the freedom to fine-tune sound to fit any song and every moment. Whether you want to pump up the bass, energize to brilliant high notes, relax with perfect balance, or listen to music raw and unmodified – selectable EQ surrounds you with the sound you want in one touch. Need to take a call? Hear it perfectly with Vocalizer, a setting distinctly created for phone calls.
    The S11-FLEX HD is armed with a protective coating and moisture-repellant mesh for maximum durability. Sweat, humidity, or a damp gym bag — nothing will get in the way of your music. So go ahead, move, sweat and rock hard.
    Welcome to wireless that works. Connect to all kinds of Bluetooth-enabled devices. Phones, laptops, MP3 players, the S11-FLEX HD is compatible with them all. Now you can have one custom-fit headset for all your wireless toys.
    With quick-charge technology, 5-minutes on the charger gives you a full hour workout. Need more? Plug it in for 15 minutes and get up to three hours of amazing sound. Now if only everything in life came with the same swift energy boost.
    The S11-FLEX HD goes beyond music. Dual, high-performance mics deliver superb noise cancellation, so calls come in crystal clear. Built-in controls let you tweak volume effortlessly with a single touch. Get the connectivity you want exactly when and where you need it.
    • S11-FLEX HD Wireless Stereo Headphones
    • A variety of ear cushions for custom fit and optimum sound
    • Adjustable innerband for an extra-secure fit
    • Micro USB wall charger
    • User guide

Motorola recently held a survey that found out the following:

  • A majority (65%) of Americans say it’s tougher to keep a resolution to exercise more than to eat better (35%).
  • For 68% of respondents, lack of motivation was the biggest obstacle to getting fit.

My question to you all is: How do you get moving? How do you get yourself motivated to get up and get moving? Living in the Midwest, I’ll admit that it’s hard to get motivated with our long winter season, snow or cold rainy days. The main things that I do to get up and get moving are:

  • Take a multivitamin daily, in the morning.
  • I prefer to work out in the morning, verses afternoon or evening. I get such an adrenaline rush that the later in the day that I work out, the longer it takes me to go to sleep at night.
  • I have low protein and low blood sugar, so I’ve found that it helps me to take my vitamins with a glass of milk before my workouts and after my workouts, I like to have a snack like boiled egg whites, carrots, or apples with peanut butter.
  • With having a blog, I am on the computer a lot, which means sitting down a lot. I have a daily schedule that allows me to have certain computer time so I am more active throughout the day.
  • I love to listen to music while I’m cooking, cleaning or even playing with the kids.
  • To help get and stay motivated for the gym is a new workout outfit or even a new pair of headphones, like the Motorola S11-FLEX HD Bluetooth wireless headphones.

Motorola’s S11-FLEX HD Wireless Stereo Headphones with Bluetooth are one way to tackle that problem head on. There are no wires to get tangled up in and you still get crystal clear HD sound.  With five points of adjustability, you can ensure a personalized, comfortable fit that will last at the gym as long as you do.

Other Workout Whines:

  • Headphone Headaches: Those who exercise and own headphones say their workout has actually been ruined by uncomfortable headphones (24%) or ear buds that fall out (47%).
  • Music Motivation:  A majority of men consider the most important feature in headphones to be sound quality (59%), while women care most about comfort (46%).
  • Mid-Workout Moans: 19% of Americans who exercise say a workout has been ruined by forgetting a water bottle and 39% by uncomfortable shoes. And remember when your size-too-big-socks scrunched under your heel? 22% said uncomfortable workout clothes have ended motivation at the gym.

After using the Motorola S11-FLEX HD headphones for a couple of weeks now, I do have to say that my workouts are more fun and even longer because I don’t have to worry about getting tangled in the mess of wires. While the iPod nano that I have isn’t Bluetooth capable, I have been able to use my phone and stream live music from my favorite apps. Not only am I wireless at the gym, but I have also been able to go to the gym with less pieces of technology so it frees up quite a bit of space on the treadmill. While many of us use music for motivation, did you know the way we’re listening can have the opposite effect? According to the survey that Motorola held, they found out that among those who exercise and own headphones, more than 53% of Americans said they have gotten tangled in their headphone wires – more than once! I confess that I was high up on that list, until I started using the Motorola S11-FLEX HD wireless Bluetooth headphones.

When I received the Motorola S11-FLEX HD headphones, I was so excited! I was ready to finally be cord free!


In the box, you get the S11-FLEX HD Wireless Stereo Headphones, several ear cushions to choose for that right fit, adjustable inner band so it won’t bounce around when you’re working out, a Micro USB wall charger and a User guide.


I am very happy that the charging connector is is a micro because I have several on the go chargers that this fits in if I’m not around a wall outlet. This is a pretty common charger.


You can’t see it in this picture, but the inner band is just under where the red button is at (bottom of below picture). The cushions fit beautifully and perfectly so when I’m on the treadmill or elliptical, the fit is nice and snug so you won’t worry about the headphones falling out of place. The inner band helps keep this all in place as well. The fit is very comfortable, more so than other inner ear headphones that I’ve bought in the past.


WIth these headphones, not only can they be used while you’re at the gym to listen to your favorite tunes while you’re working out, they also dual as a microphone and headset for those incoming calls while you’re listening to music. I found out that this dual’ed as a telephone headset one day while I was getting suited up for the gym, this was Bluetooth’d in to my cell phone and the phone rang in my ear. I hadn’t read the user manual yet, so this was surprising and exciting all at once. I’m the type that likes to play with a device and learn about it as much as can on my own, then I break out the user manual.

After an hour on the treadmill, the headphones were still in place, still charged, still giving me the tunes that I needed to keep going. Overall, I LOVE the Motorola S11-FLEX HD headphones and highly recommend them to anyone that is active around the house, on the go or at the gym. I used these headphones for a solid two hours on day one, about an hour and a half on day two and almost two hours on day three of owning these and the battery was still charged enough for another day or two at the gym. I like that I can use these for a few days without having to charge every time I want to use them. They hold a nice charge, so that’s a plus! At first, I looked at these headphones and was concerned that they might be too bulky and too heavy, but they are very light and not bulky at all. Comfortable, holds a great charge, portable, dual use and the price ($129.99) is at a price point that I would buy these in a heart beat! Highly recommended!

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