Just thought I’d share my #MGFitness #Weightloss to date

I started my fitness routine around August 10th (ish – give or take a few days). My first month, I very excitedly lost 20 pounds! 20 pounds in ONE month. I went from a size 18 to a size 10. My weightloss has slowed down a bit, but I have begun to build muscle. Every time I travel, I take carrots with me. I don’t like to eat crap when I fly or travel to blog events, so these are perfect. I am able to maintain my cravings and my weightloss perfectly this way. Just before Brandcation last week, I weighed in to my monthly weigh in and I am excited to say that I am DOWN 30 pounds since mud-August. I have 18 pounds to go until my main goal, but it’s those small goals in between that have helped me get to my current 30 pounds where I am at right now. AFTER the holidays is usually when people start ‘thinking’ about losing weight, but my goal is to lose 18 more before Christmas…. ok, New Years at the latest!

I have before, during, current and will have after pictures once my final goal date has arrived, and none will include me wearing any ‘suck-you-in’ attire either. I used to own those; no denial there… I have since burned those. Want to see pics? Stay tuned. How about a video? Stay tuned for those as well. 😉  I am kicking ass and taking names. What are you doing to lose weight? Why wait until after the holidays to start losing weight – today IS your future.


  1. That’s amazing! I bet you had a lot of fun buying new sized clothing at JC Penneys.

  2. Nicole Hartmann says:

    Congrats!!! I LOVE reading stories like yours.. gives me hope. I have been struggling with my weight since I gave birth and while I have my weight drops, I also have my ANNOYING stand-still moments or weight gains.. very frustrating.. especially when the weight loss just stops! I have been at the same weight (give or take 2 lbs.) for a YEAR now.. been trying everything but finally I am religiously walking which seems to be helping thus far. I have been walking 30-40 minutes per day. I decided to walk to the park instead of driving (it is literally a 10 minute walk). Thereafter, I go a few extra blocks and around.. to keep the motivation. Congrats again!!!

  3. Good job!!!!!! I envy you! I watch, lose, quit watching, gain, over and over. Good for you sticking to it! sammiejanL40 at aol dot com

  4. Hi Tanya,
    I just found your site tonight thanks to MomItForward. It is a really great site. I wanted to say congrats on your weight loss and taking your weight loss goals by storm. That is awesome. You asked what we are trying to lose weight his holiday season. I have something I really want to try this season http://bit.ly/rawholiday. I really like raw foods and am not veagen or anything, but this has worked in the past. Hoping it will this season too. Wishing you more great luck and hope to be joining your ranks of loser (in this case being a loser it great)soon. 😀

  5. Congrats girlie! I lost some weight this month but I don’t have a scale to see how much. I just know that all of my clothes that I’ve bought in the past 6 months are too big now!

  6. because i am a friend of yours on facebook ive been able to hear about your weight loss success as its happening and every time you post about your intention to to get on the treadmill for hours it motivates me to want to take action. because im pregnant i cant really focus too much on my weight but just the fitness aspect of what you are doing is a great motivator. thanks

  7. Nice job Tanya! I am gaining what YOU are losing. GRRrrr!

    Just wanted to tell you today and yesterday am trying to post tweet entries for the Things Remembered giveaway not expired til the 14th. There is the place at the bottom that says comment, but now box will open for it! Could you tell me what i might possibly be doing wrong…had no problem at all when doing earlier entries! thanks!

  8. Way to go Tanya , you do look amazing. I have started to watch what I eat, I cut back on the Pepsi down to 1 or 2 cans a day I was up to about 6 to 8! I went to the doc last Friday I had not been there since the end of August and I had lost 12 .3 lbs. I was pretty happy about that ! I’m going to start the Wii Fit and all my Wii games and programs that I have , I just need to find a few minutes to do it and get it done !

    Congrats to you girl , you kicked ass ! :yahoo: