My #VZWBuzz @Verizon phone & tablet saved us during storms, hail & a tornado.

This month’s post for Verizon was originally planned to be something totally different from what I’m about to post to you all right now. I originally wanted to show you some amazing features that I recently learned, however I thought I would take a bit of a turn. Ready for it?

It seems that my car is magnetically attracting storms with massive winds, hail and … well…. tornadoes. Random.right? I’ll start from the beginning….

May 2013

My kids and I were (literally) caught in the El Reno, OK tornadoes of 2013. While I had a cell phone at this time, it was very hard for me to be able to keep in contact with my loved ones while we were going through this tragedy. Thankfully, we came through it just fine, and most of all – with out lives.


So this is tornado # 1, right? Right. Well, actually it was tornado #1, #2, #3 AND #4. Someone has been watching over us, that’s for sure.

So, exactly one year later, we fast forward to event #2, in which I was not able to track the storms’ progress.
May, 2014, our town had one helluva hail, wind, and rain storm. We got some mega dents all over our property, home, car and egos.

That’s all taken care of. YAY for insurance and getting back to normal, right? Riiiiiight.

Flash forward to this weekend – June 2014.

I was at an event this weekend for Verizon, Samsung, and Motorola. First off, this s gorgeous, isn’t it? There’s no doubt about this!


I took this with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, using the ‘mode’ Surround Shot. Gorgeous, isn’t it?!?!
How do you get there, you ask?

When you click on the camera image to take your photo, you’ll click on ‘mode’. This is within your main camera app feature, so no need to use an additional app.


Once you’re in the ‘mode’ button, you’ll see tons of options. Scroll down to ‘Surround Shot’.



Now, Surround Shot for Android is literally right next to Panorama. Don’t get me wrong, Panorama gets some amazing shots, but for whatever reason, Surround Shot is what caught this gorgeous shot for me! (See above.)

Here’s a ‘regular shot’ in the same location. Well, minus my car, but you see the same location, but ‘more’.


So, fast forward to today. If you’re on my personal Facebook page, you would have seen my ‘ah crap’ moments where I posted videos of hail, horrific clouds and one hell of a storm. I was cool and collected, not a care in the word (that’s so not like me, right?), and my Galaxy Gear 2 started buzzing on my arm, my Galaxy Note 3 started vibrating in my pocket and my new Galaxy 10.1 (2014) started ‘hounding’ me. It told us to take cover…. like NOW. We were on the road, in route home. I. Freaked. Out.


I know storms. I grew up with a storm chaser…. aka: my daddy. I can look at a cloud and know when we will be ok and when we (pardon my language) are farked.


We were driving right IN to, not only the red, but that really purty pink that’s flowing on the screen.

I said a few choice words. My car already had hail damage from the weeks before, eh – why not… let’s play this card. What other card was there TO play? None.


I immediately grabbed my new Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 version) and it surprised me each moment that I had it in front of me. I have my ‘favorite apps’ that I’ve already used and relied on, however today was far different. I’ve tried your typical weather apps, but I decided to take a chance on one today. Something spoke to me, I gave it a shot, I love it.

  • MyRadar Weather Radar

    ** MyRadar is a fast, easy-to-use, no-frills application that displays animated weather radar around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what weather is coming your way. Just start the app, and your location pops up with animated weather!
    ** The map has the standard pinch/zoom capability which allows you to smoothly zoom and pan around the United States and see what the weather is like anywhere.
    ** MyRadar shows animated weather, so you can tell if rain is headed toward or away from you, and how fast.
    ** In addition to the free features of the app, a few additional upgrades are available; see severe storm warnings for your area, as provided by the National Weather Service, and real-time hurricane tracking – great for the start of hurricane season!
    ** MyRadar currently only shows weather in the United States, and only in the 48 contiguous states – not Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

  • Emergency Alerts (of course!)
  • Camera {in app via phone} (to document your event for the storm for yourself, or for insurance purposes)
  • Contacts {in app via phone} (This isn’t an app, so to speak, but always ALWAYS have a list of contacts available for yourself to contact, or someone else to contact for you)
  • I have a Flashlight app that I use a lot. More than just for storms and when the electricity goes out. I use this on a daily basis. Love this app!
  • Messaging & Phone {in app via phone} you need to be able to access loved ones at the blink of an eye. Even though it’s accessible via main screen on most phones, some folks are mentally restricted to a certain folder within their phone.

And of course…..


If you have any unfortunate damage to your home, property or car, always look to see if your insurance agency have an app. The app for our agency is simply AMAZING! Thank you @Progressive for making our storm claims so much easier and better to work with around our family schedule!

We made it through, yet again, another horrid storm. We are all safe, and I have to contribute a large portion of that to Verizon for the on location alerts.

Wondering what phone and plan is right for you? Check out Verizon Wireless for a location near you.

As member of an awesome team of influencers, I received the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with line of service from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise positive feedback. All opinions are my own & 100% truthful.