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I have been working hard to lose weight and to keep it off. I am proud to say that I have lost and maintained –52 pound weight loss! There’s a tool that I have been using every day called MYTRAK .

MYTRAK-Premium-IMG4-HandMYTRAK Smart Coach

MYTRAK Smart Coach is a device that tracks the intensity, frequency, and duration of your physical activity.  Just tell MYTRAK what your weight loss or lifestyle goal is, and MYTRAK calculates how much activity you need every day to meet that goal.  Then, all you do is clip MYTRAK at your hip and live your life.  At the end of every day, if your circle is green, you know you’ve burned enough calories to meet your daily weight loss goal.  It’s as easy and effective as that.

The MYTRAK Manager software that comes with your MYTRAK Smart Coach  tracks your progress over time, shows you how you are doing through easy-to-read charts and graphs, and allows you to adjust your goals as your needs and wants change.

With your MYTRAK device, you will enjoy access to real-time coaching, fitness and weight loss support from MYTRAK Certified Health Coaches.  With a Premium membership, you will also belong to MYTRAK’s Online Health Community, which has a wealth of information on fitness, nutrition, and weight loss; interaction with other MYTRAK users; and professional advice to help you reach your weight loss, fitness, and lifestyle goals.

MYTRAK is like a pedometer, only smarter. It was easy to set up on my computer and easy to maintain and track your daily progress. It comes with the MYTRAK device and a USB cable to hook it up to your computer. This USB cable is used for uploading your information from the device to your MYTRAK account so you can check your daily progress, as well as the USB is your charging cable. Once you plug it in to your computer, it will bring up a window that is letting you know it is installing the MYTRAK driver.


Once the driver is installed, you are ready to set up your personal account.


Anytime you plug in your MYTRAK to your computer, the device pulls your steps and all your data from your MYTRAK to your account on your computer.


Your MYTRAK account will show you your daily goal, as well as your overall goal of where you want to be. Are you losing weight? The MYTRAK software will show you where you currently are at, and what you need to do to keep your body active to get to your goal.


On the bottom of your account, there are icons. Each shows you different sectors like heart rate, energy chart, goal chart, activities, update your goals & profile sections, a section where you update your weight. You can also see your steps chart for the steps & distance that you took throughout the day.


With MYTRAK, it gives you a daily calorie intake that is recommended for your height and weight to get you to where your goal is.


As your MYTRAK is plugged in, it charges. The charging process is kind of lengthy, but just set it up overnight and let it charge so you can start back up the next day. Easy peasy!

MyTrak Charging

The MYTRAK looks just like a pedometer, but it has lights on it. The lights show you where you are at for the day. It lights up red, yellow & green. The more green you get throughout the day, the better.


With the MYTRAK, your support doesn’t stop at the purchase… you have access to a whole online world of support, announcements about the MYTRAK and a message board so you can connect with others that are using the MYTRAK.

M2- MYTRAK Health(1)

Overall, I love the MYTRAK! It really helps keep me aware of my daily activities. When I go out for a walk, I take the MYTRAK with me. When I go out for daily errands, the MYTRAK goes with me. Just because my MYTRAK may turn green letting me know my daily steps and activities are complete, that doesn’t mean I take it off. I keep it on me no matter where I go. Staying active is the key to any weightloss .. as well as to any weightloss maintenance.

You can purchase the MYTRAK Personal Smart Coach for $99.95

Your MYTRAK Includes:

  • 1 Year standard membership
  • PC Sync Software
  • Daily activity analysis report
  • Weekly activity analysis report
  • Belt Clip
  • USB Sync cable

You can find more out about the MyTRAK by visiting Youc an also find MYTRAK on Twitter and on Facebook.

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