Our New Living Room Furniture!

I had a garage sale this weekend to kick off my Spring Cleaning and to de-clutter our house. Well, it was pretty darn successful! I made about $600 and managed to get rid of a lot of kids clothes, a lot of dishes and random junk that we have been storing in our upstairs bath attic storage. With the garage sale, we also decided to sell our living room furniture. While we liked our sectional, the shape of our living room is a size where we were losing a lot of space in our 10ft by 20 ft living room. I went yesterday to look at furniture and I decided on these Ashley Furniture pieces.

The couch is more like a loveseat with a chase lounger and ottoman, but it has a queen size pull out bed in it. We have to have a hide-a-bed for overnight guests! The end has a chase lounger and ottoman, but here’s the cool thing: You can move the ottoman and extended cushion to anywhere on the couch so the chase section moves where you want it – so it’s not stuck in one spot!


The bed is a full size queen, so that’s nice! I am madly in love with the blue & brown colors that are in the picture from the website, so I think I will be painting my living room in these colors.

couch sleeper

At first, I thought to get a love seat that had a hide-a-bed, with two chase loungers and ottomans, but getting the one couch with lounger and one chair with ottoman makes more sense to open our living room up.


How much did these pieces cost me?

  • Sofa Chaise Circa Taupe with ottoman: $629.00
  • Sofa Chaise Circa Taupe Chair: $349.00
  • Delivery 85 miles away: $70.00
  • Fabric guard protection: $85.00
    • The set also has a nice 5 & 10 year warranty on it… They will cover any stains, rips, tears, burns, breaks, etc.

Total after tax and delivery is just at $1200.00.

The bad thing: Well, it won’t be here for two weeks. PPFFTT The dining table is in the living room so we have a place to sit for now. Hey, it’s better than the bean bag chair I was sitting in last night.

The good thing: All the leftover clothes, kids’ shoes, house ware items, baby items, etc. will be donated to a Women & Children’s Shelter, as well as a portion of the garage sale cash earnings.

In the end – we all come out ahead. I was able to de-clutter, make some cash, get a new living room set & make a nice donation.


  1. @Tanya, awesome, thanks for the input! That helps me decide. I kind of made up my mind earlier to get it, so I’m glad you have good comments :)

  2. Hi Katey
    We are still using it and still love it! My only change would be for the couch to have a regular couch cushion and a regular ottoman verses the ottoman base with extended cushion. When you sit on the long cushion, it tends to rise so it almost feels like you’re falling in to it or being eaten. LOL Def. get the fabric protector on it if you buy it. We have a 5 year old and 7 year old and we’ve had things spilled on it from spaghetti sauce to throw up and it wipes clean like it was brand new. Overall, we love it and would buy this set again. The size is perfect for the shape of our living room.

  3. Hi, this is probably really random and well past the time since you posted this, but I was looking at buying this couch set and I wondered how it is holding up for you??

  4. Hey, maybe that is what I should do! We really could use some new furniture, and I bet we have enough stuff lying around that we could sell! The problem is, having the energy to actually have the sale!!! I love your website btw! Thanks for the fun posts, and giveaways!
    – Cari