No ‘Chores’, but Job Charts for Kids

We’ve tried chore charts out the wazoo and while it helps the kids (ages 7 and 10)  get motivated to help our around the house, it seems to last for a few short days. I saw something and thought I’d tweek it and see how it helps in our home. I didn’t want to force the kids to do chores. Am I forced to show up and do my job on a daily basis? No. If I want to get paid, I need to do the job. If my kids want an allowance, they can choose to do the job. This cost me about $8 for everything.

  • Snack size Ziploc bags (for change)
  • Magnetic fridge/bag clips
  • Blank index cards
  • Sharpies to write the chore & earning
  • Post-It’s to label the top with the kids names
  • Tape with black sharpied on it to divide the chores

Easy peasy. Job charts for kids.

This is visible on the side of the fridge, so no extra metal board was needed. 

We are going to start this school year off with no battling to do ‘chores’. Want to get paid, do the job.

Welcome to the working world, children of mine.