Oh my gosh, #Santa Sent Me A Letter! #Christmas

This holiday is going to be a very special one in our home and in our lives. To make it even more special, what’s a better way than your child receiving a letter from Santa? I have thought about having one sent to my kids, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure what they were like or if they were just a random generic form letter that was sent. Wrong assumption. I was able to work with SantaSentMeALetter.com on a very special opportunity to check out a letter

Santa Sent Me A Letter

SantaSentMeALetter.com is proud to have delivered the Magic of Christmas to thousands upon thousands of children and adults throughout the world. Each year they receive countless calls, messages, and emails from our customers who tell us what a wonderful impact our letters make on their children, family, and friends! We truly have the best job in the world.

I went through the website and was so pleased with what I saw. There are so many different pre-written themes to choose from and if you don’t see one that is ‘perfect’ for what you want, you can customize your own from scratch. I made two; one for my oldest daughter and one for my two youngest combined. I was able to take snippets from a couple other pre-written letters and make hers unique to her age (20) and then I customized the tiny ones’ letter for them since it was a combined letter.

We chose the Original Letter From Santa.


  • Custom letter from Santa
  • Envelope with North Pole Postmark and Wax Seal
  • $9.95 with shipping included

Personalized Letter From Santa | Mommy Goggles

For the tiny ones, I chose the Marshmallow Mustache Letter and customized it to their current happenings and recap of the year.

Personalized Letter From Santa | Mommy Goggles

Here are the final letters –

Personalized Letter From Santa | Mommy Goggles

Personalized Letter From Santa | Mommy Goggles

Since my oldest is in another state, I wasn’t able to get her video reaction, but she was very surprised to get it. Here is my son’s reaction to reading the letter from Santa.

Personalized Letter From Santa | Mommy Goggles

Personalized Letter From Santa | Mommy Goggles  Personalized Letter From Santa | Mommy GogglesPersonalized Letter From Santa | Mommy Goggles

We are very pleased with the overall process of the letters that we got from Santa. The creation process was a lot of fun, the shipping was super fast and the reactions were priceless. We will be doing this again next year!

There’s still lots of time to get your letter from Santa sent. If you go to SantaSentMeALetter.com, and use code GOGGLES2014 at check out, you will get 15% off your order order until November 20, 2014.


  1. I experienced the site and was so satisfied with what I saw. There are such a variety of diverse per-written topics brows and in the event that and you do not see that is ..”immaculate” for what you need. You can redo your own particular without any preparation.