Old Jeans are New Jeans!

How many of you go through your closets and dresser drawers and you have clothes that you aren’t quite able to fit in to because they are too small or too tight, but instead of tossing them out, you store them for ‘just in case you can fit in to them later‘?

Before I got pregnant with Kambry in 2007, I had lost 108 pounds in less than a year (I had my son in 2005, gained almost 70 pounds, then lost down to weigh 135 pounds); in just under 10 months by exercising, watching what I ate, not eating past 6pm, drinking lots of water and moderation control. I had a few pair of jeans that I loved, but haven’t been able to get back in them… until now.

Hubby and I went out for date night last night, and as I was thinking of what to wear, I pulled out a tub of clothes that had my favorite jeans in them that I wore in 2007. I completely forgot that I had these jeans! I put them on, pulled them up, zipped them and angels were singing! They were *gasp* baggy! YAY!!!!

One thing comes to mind right now….


I seriously screamed so loud n excitement! I am proud to show my Junior jeans and sweater that I bought on sale that was too small at the time, but I couldn’t pass it up! The sweater used to be tight & curl up, but last night – too big! 😀

Favorite Jeans!

And ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my new belt that is now on the smallest notch. It’s time for a new belt. WAHOO!!!!!

Last Notch!

If you are fighting daily with yourself to get up and get moving, just do it. Don’t sit there and mope how you wish you could lose weight… get up and do it!

You can lose along with me. Visit the CalorieStory Facebook app and let’s get losing today. You can also check out http://www.carblovers.com for more information. You are not alone. Contact me if you need any motivation or support.

Keep checking back every week as I share my progress and tips that are helping me. We can do this! We WILL do this!


  1. Sylvia Esparza says:

    Congrats! I have tons of clothes that I just can’t seem to get rid. I just started my journey on 1/21. I was a total Coca Cola drinker. I am proud to say I quit cold turkey! I have taken to drinking lots of water, and have been eliminating my salt intake. Feeling better but I have a long way to go.

  2. woot good job!!!!

  3. I swear I have that same belt!

    Great job on the skinny jeans!