The Amazing Pizza Machine: Omaha, NE – Family Fun, Dining & Entertainment!

We live in the Midwest, in a pretty small town, but we frequent Omaha quite a bit. This ranges from doctor visits, shopping or just for a family day out. I went on a hunt to see what fun family restaurants there were out there. I can count how many I found on the internet on one hand, and just one caught my eye: The Amazing Pizza Machine

The Amazing Pizza Machine is a fun place that you can take your family to, have just about anything to eat from their huge buffet, then when everyone is done eating, you can go have some fun with their massive arcade fun area. Here’s our experience!

First of all, when we turned the corner to see the biggest building I think I have ever seen!

Amazing Pizza Machine (1)
Amazing Pizza Machine (16)

Here’s how it works.

Once you get inside, you are greeted, where you have the choice between a lot of selections. Do you want to just eat and not play? You can do that. Do you want to come with the kids and just let them play, and you watch? You can do that. We chose to get the adult meals for ourselves, and get the kids their own package including a buffet meal and the Rivit 90 Pack which includes:

  • Unlimited buffet & beverages (this was nice because we ate, then played for a bit, then came back for a refresher drink, then back to playing before we left.)

PLUS 90 minutes of:

  • Unlimited rides and Glo-Gold
  • Unlimited video games
  • Unlimited ticket games

Price: $26.99 per person – any age!

Amazing Pizza Machine (17)

Breakdown of prices:

  • (2) Hubby and I got the adults buffet with drinks for $8.79 = $17.58
  • (2) Kids got Rivit Pack $26.99 per person = $53.98
  • Total: $71.56

This may seem pricey for some, and I was one to think this exact thing, until we had a solid hour and a half of quality family time and fun. We have spent about this much for the four of us to go to a much smaller location elsewhere, and it didn’t even compare partially to The Amazing Pizza Machine!

We got all checked out and I was ready to check this place out! My jaw dropped when I saw the buffet area!

Amazing Pizza Machine (2)

One word: HUGE!

Amazing Pizza Machine (3)

I loved that there were different areas per your taste in food! There is a kids area (this was mis-tagged, but we were able to figure out what the foods were), tacos, salads, pizza, pasta and more!

The kids area had tater tots, melted cheese, chicken nuggets, hot dogs and even little burgers.

Amazing Pizza Machine (5)

The pizza section was nice, but I would have loved to see more pizzas and selection. The overall quality of the pizza was great!

Amazing Pizza Machine (8)

I loved the Baked Potato bar! You can create your own tasty tater! This had baked potatoes and all the fixin’s like bacon, cheese, sour cream, butter and more!

Amazing Pizza Machine (7)

The dessert bar was perfect! We had our choice of ice cream with toppings galore, cookies, cakes, pies… so much to choose from! We chose to eat out main buffets, go play, then come back and have dessert before playing & heading home.

Amazing Pizza Machine (6)

We ate in one of the many rooms that are available. We chose the Cogswell’s Cartoonery. There was an area for sports, cartoons and even an area that was just tables minus the movie screen.

Amazing Pizza Machine (9)

This room was set up with hanging prints of cartoon characters, bright and fun colors and a huge screen playing some of our favorite cartoons while we ate.

Amazing Pizza Machine (10)

Having a birthday? The Amazing Pizza Machine can help! When we were walking towards the fun area, I had to stop and take a peek at one of the rooms that was set up for a birthday.

Amazing Pizza Machine (11)

Games. Let’s talk about FUN! Golf, bowling, arcades – you name it! This was one whole section set up.

Amazing Pizza Machine (13)

We started with ski ball. This is a must for anyone to start with!

Amazing Pizza Machine (14)

My kids are 5 1/2 and 3 1/2, so Kambry isn’t able to play all the bigger kids games like her brother can. One thing that I fell in love with was that there was a whole section for younger kids! They had ride on toys, a train, a huge indoor play set and games targeted for the younger ages.

Amazing Pizza Machine (21)

Amazing Pizza Machine (22)

Amazing Pizza Machine (18)

Tucker was on a roll & having a blast!

Amazing Pizza Machine (30)

Air hockey with daddy!

Amazing Pizza Machine (23)

Horse Play (Water shooters)

Amazing Pizza Machine (24)

What I thought was really neat to have inside The Amazing Pizza Machine was an area where your little one can build their own bear!

Cogswell’s Factory

Amazing Pizza Machine (36)

Amazing Pizza Machine (37)

We didn’t get to visit this area because we had to be some place, but for sure – we will be back to check it out!

What are our final thoughts? Will we be back? You betcha we will be back! This was 90 minutes of pure fun and quality family time! You are able to choose between a wide array of price ranges for each person, so you can aim higher for more time and options, or you can go lower but still have tons of fun with the family. Do you live in the Council Bluffs, IA and Omaha, NE area? If you are looking for a great place to take your family to for a family outing, The Amazing Pizza Machine is the place to visit! I could even see hubby and I going here without the kids for a date day.

For more information on the The Amazing Pizza Machine, be sure to check out their website at

You can also check them out on Twitter:

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  1. :good: Thank you so much! I did not expect to find exactly what I was looking for when I Googled, “how much to expect to pay when going to the Amazing Pizza Machine”. :) SO HELPFUL. TY TY TY!

  2. @Sky, We got there right at 11am on a Saturday. There was hardly anyone there, then they started to flow in around noon.

  3. I’ve not seen the APM without TONS of people there? What time did you guys hit it? It’s such a fun place to pass time and my kids love it!