Our basement #DIY progress! You won’t wanna miss this!

I wanted to share some of my progress with our new house! We bought our new house in April of this year; which was just a couple of months ago. We bought this house because we saw so much potential in this half finished huge basement. This is only a quarter of what the basement is. This is the unfinished part. It’s probably 24 by 24 feet; I’m not sure the exact dimensions.

ChicagoBears Gym - HomeGym - BearsManCave - DaBears
In about a week, we had full blown walls, doorways and one ceiling in the main open area. I saw this as a blank canvas… soooooo while hubby was out of town for the weekend, I thought I’d have fun with this.

To the far left in the below picture, are my office and a guest room. The ceiling in this ‘Bears room’ is not finished, so ignore that. I’m doing a test. 😉

I painted this entire room in just a couple of hours. I will have an entire post coming up for Paint Glider and how I created this room. This is a huge space, especially for what I am using this for. This ‘Bears Room’ will be our gym; it will have a treadmill, elliptical, weights, mirrors, TV, you name it.

ChicagoBears Gym - HomeGym - BearsManCave - DaBears

I will have ALL the details and how to’s on how I did this coming up later this evening!

PS: I get wife of the year for painting this space in hubby’s favorite team colors, right? Right!?!?