Our very special Peanuts Family Christmas {Giveaway closed}

Snoopy Peanuts Family Christmas Giveaway | Mommy Goggles This holiday season, the Peanuts gang is celebrating 50 years on TV for A Charlie Brown Christmas. I grew up watching the Peanuts This Christmas is especially special for my family. We are traveling to spend it with my entire family, including my oldest daughter and her extended family. This year is definitely one for the memory books. We are excited that our family will be gathering around in our family Snoopy Pajamas as we get ready for Christmas morning. Snoopy Peanuts Family Christmas Giveaway | Mommy Goggles We will take a full family picture on Christmas Eve when my oldest is with us. How cute are we??

We also received some adorable Old Navy tees for both of my daughters that they can wear together on Christmas Day. I wanted to share with you all some super cute and fun pajamas and tops for the entire family. 


Sweater: Snoopy dances with joy in the snowflakes in this charming red and white sweater from Target. Available in sizes 12 months to 5T for $15.01. Snoopy Peanuts Family Christmas Giveaway | Mommy Goggles

Snoopy Peanuts Family Christmas Giveaway | Mommy GogglesSNOOPY GETS THE PLUSH TREATMENT: TODDLERS

Toy + Slipper Socks: Keep your little one entertained and warm at the same time with these cute slipper socks featuring their very own Snoopy plush! Available at Target in sizes small – x-large for $9.99.


Snoopy Peanuts Family Christmas Giveaway | Mommy Goggles Graphic Tops: Triple the fun with these three holiday tees from Kohl’s and Old Navy! Snoopy Peanuts Family Christmas Giveaway | Mommy Goggles Choose from two glitter-accentuated styles at Kohl’s: one with all the key characters surrounding a classic X-mas tree and another with Snoopy and the word “Believe” above his head. Both retail for $20 and come in sizes 4-6x.

SNUGGLSnoopy Peanuts Family Christmas Giveaway | Mommy GogglesE UP WITH SNOOPY: GIRLS AND BOYS

PJs: Happiness is a pair of Snoopy pajamas from Target! Check out these adorable matching pajama sets in blue for boys and pink for girls. Both feature Snoopy on a large front panel with smaller versions of the beloved beagle swirling in a repeat pattern on the tops and bottoms. Both come in sizes x-small – large and retail for $16.99.


  • PJs: A Charlie Brown Christmas comes to life in the form of men’s pajamas in this matching t-shirt and bottoms from Target. The set features the classic Charlie Brown-and-Snoopy-with pathetic-Christmas-tree scene in sizes ranging from medium to xx-large. Retail price is $24.99-26.99.
  • Graphic Tees: Men can channel their inner Snoopy in two hilarious message tees from Kohl’s. On the left, Santa Snoopy proclaims that “Chicks Dig the Beard” on a bright red t-shirt.


Sweatshirt: It’s a wrap! You’ll be the life of the party in this “ugly Christmas sweatshirt,” spotlighting Snoopy and Woodstock all tangled up in colorful Christmas lights. Available in sizes x-small – x-large for $14.99. Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.04.07 PM How cute are all of these? There’s still time to get your holiday attire! We are super excited for Christmas Eve so that we can give a pair to my oldest daughter and we can take a full family picture with all of us in our Peanuts pajamas! Now, how about a fun & quick giveaway? This is an easy and fun giveaway! Anyone is allowed to enter, however US shipping addresses only.

Snoopy & Peanuts FLASH GIVEAWAY

What you win:

  • One (1) winner will receive a fun Snoopy assortment! 

Let Santa Snoopy outfit your family in assorted, festive Peanuts apparel from Kohl’s, Old Navy, Target and Vermont Country Store! From clever men’s and women’s tees to comfy P.J.s for the kids, we’ve got a wide selection of merchandise to choose from in every style and size.  And it’s all guaranteed to put you in the mood for Christmas—any time of year!


  • Mandatory first entry! Post a comment on who your favorite Peanuts character is and why.
  • Mandatory second entryVisit Kohls, Target, Old Navy or Vermont Country Store and let me know what Peanuts attire you’d love to win! Post it in the comments below.


  • Gift card will be delivered via email
  • Anyone is allowed to enter, but US shipping address only
  • Ends: December 23, 2014 at NOON central time
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Winner emailed 3:40pm 12/23/14

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  2. I like the Snoopy Holiday Sweater from Target.

  3. Snoopy is my favorite because he always makes me laugh.

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  5. I want the Snoopy Graphic Sweatshirt, Holiday Raglan tee and the slipper socks from Target!

  6. Lucy is my favorite. Shes tough, keeps everyone on their toes!

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  9. Becky Moore says:

    I would soo get this…Peanuts Snoopy 24-in. Pre-Lit Christmas Decor – Indoor & Outdoor

  10. Becky Moore says:

    My favorite character is Lucy…because seriously she’s funny and who else can pay 5cents for psychiatry advise…..

  11. I always liked Snoopy because he is so cute!

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    I would love to have the Classic Peanuts Girls’ Nightgown From the Vermont Country Store!

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    I have always loved snoopy because of his ability to do anything!

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  19. I would like the Peanut’s Snoopy Boy’s Pajama Set for Gabe and Ian.

  20. I like Peppermint Patty because she’s so sure of herself.

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    I love the Peanut’s Snoopy Boy’s Pajama Set.

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    My favorite is Lucy because she is spunky.

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    From Target, I’d love the Peanut’s Snoopy Boy’s Pajama Set for my grandson.

  30. Ellie Wright says:

    Lucy is my favorite character because she’s so bossy. She’s the one most people love to hate.

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  32. I like the Peanuts Snoopy “Believe” Christmas Tee

  33. I like snoopy because he is adventurous and funny.

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  36. Snoopy has such joy!
    Thanks for the contest.

  37. Trisha McKee says:

    I love the I’d Rather be Sleeping Snoopy Tee at Kohl’s! So my motto!

  38. Trisha McKee says:

    Lucy is my favorite character. I love how feisty she is.

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    Joni Campanelli Dolniak

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  41. I like the The Peanuts Snoopy Homework Allergy Tee.

  42. I like Lucy because she can be so nasty yet she loves herself.

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  45. I would love to win the Women’s Snoopy and Woodstock Nightown!

  46. I love Linus~As he makes me laugh!

  47. I like the “I’d rather be sleeping” tee from Kohl’s. I would rather be sleeping now.

  48. I like Lucy. She is a skeptic and keeps the others in line.

  49. My favorite is Sally. She is so energetic and loves her sweet baboo. I like the Classic Peanuts Pajamas from The Vermont Country Store.

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  52. I love the peanuts Holiday Pullover sweater from Target. The kids pajamas are also cute and all on clearance right now.

  53. My favorite character is snoopy. He just has such personality and who doesn’t love dogs.

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    I like snoopy because he’s cute and likeable.

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    I’ve always like Lucy because she’s smart and a bit sassy.

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    I love Linus because he reminds me of my youngest son Finn. I have such great memories of watching the Peanuts Christmas special. One of my all time favorites!

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  66. Women’s Snoopy® Heart Tee

  67. snoopy because I like his attitude

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  69. I love Charlie Brown. He just always seems to be in the state of perpetual hope.

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    I love Snoopy. He’s the cutest! I like the Peanuts Snoopy “Believe” Christmas Tee – Girls 4-6x.

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    I like Snoopy.

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  73. I like the Charlie Brown Dirt Tee.

  74. I always liked Charlie Brown. I could always kind of relate to him and the way he was treated at times.

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  77. snoopy is my favorite, mainly because we have a puppy who looks like him!!

  78. My favorite is Snoopy because he is so cute.

  79. I like Snoopy because he’s cute! I like the Mens Peanuts Boxer with gift bag from Target.

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    http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?vid=1&pid=170464002 – I would love to win this t-shirt!

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    My favorite Peanuts Character is Snoopy, of course! He is just so mischevious, but still loveable!