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New Year. New Savings! Rayovac can help!

With this being a whole new year, there are so many things that we are evaluating. While I may be getting fit for the New Year, we have also been looking at any aspect to cut back, save money, use more coupons, drive less to save on gas, using rechargeable batteries for all of our […]

Savings & Specials ~ Become a Rayovac VIP!

The craze these days seems to be Facebook, doesn’t it? I can say that I have had a Facebook account for quite some time, and even before it was the popular college fad. I never used it, never really had much care for it, until I got in to social media with my blog, as […]

Recharge your batteries with the Rayovac Platinum Universal Charger

We go through SO many batteries in our house. I looked around to see where all we put them and .. holy moly! Toys Wii remotes xBox controller Remote controls for the TV, DVD player, Cable Box Clocks Night lights Flashlights Digital picture frame Kitchen timer Kids’ time out pad Remote control cars Light on […]

Rayovac Powers Your Memories {Fan Fridays!}

How many toys, gadgets and electronics did you, your kids and your families get for Christmas. I cannot begin to tell you how many our house got, but I can tell you how we power them; Rayovac batteries. Don’t you hate it when you get your camera to take a picture of your little ones […]

Holiday Shopping has Begun! Rayovac saves you money!

The holidays are quickly approaching. Are you ready? When I say ready – I mean, do you have the batteries that Santa needs to put in those electronics and toys that move? We are so ready this year! Last year was so chaotic while the kids were opening their presents. They would open one and […]

Moms Rock the Holidays! Rayovac & Paper Jamz Giveaway! {5 winners-$250 Visa Gift Cards!} (Closed)

With Thanksgiving over and behind us, what comes next? Oh, that’s right – next comes the times where mom and dad running around crazy like wondering if there are enough batteries to to power all the toys that are sure to need them. Here’s where Rayovac comes in to save the day. Did you know […]

Save when you buy Rayovac Batteries & Toy Story 3!

Did you know that Rayovac is the official Battery of Walt Disney Theme Parks? I found this out recently, but guess what – I was at Disney for Brandcation and yup, it’s true! With the recent release of Toy Story 3, my family was so excited to have had the chance to watch this movie. […]

We powered our Jack-O-Lantern with Rayovac!

What are you using to power your Jack-O-Lantern this Halloween? Hubby broke out a candle, but I told him ‘Let’s try something different… Let’s use a small flashlight powered with Rayovac batteries!’ Here’s what I used… A small reading LED light with Rayovac batteries. I turned it on the white light, and left it in […]

Go Green with Rayovac Rechargeable Products!

I cannot tell you how many batteries my household goes through in a week, let alone a month. We used to keep batteries on our grocery list to buy every time we were out. This got expensive! We bought one time batteries because at the time, I thought rechargeable batteries were too expensive to start […]

Power your life, for less with Rayovac!

We go through so many batteries in our house. These range from replacing batteries in the kids toys, portable game devices, digital cameras, clocks, xBox & Wii controllers and so much more. When I think back at how many times we switch out batteries on a weekly basis, or even daily – that comes down […]

Budget Friendly #BabyShower Gift Basket Idea

We have a few friends and family members that are expecting. Giving baby gifts can get expensive and you may end up getting something(s) that mom really won’t use or doesn’t need. I am a huge fan of gift baskets with newborn needs because face it, any new mom would love to get things that […]

#Wedding Day Survival Kit & trip planning #VZWBuzz

Over the past few months, I’ve had an amazing opportunity to learn more about Verizon, their products and their services. I am about to head out for a fellow blogger’s wedding, (Shannon with The Mommy Files), so I thought I would show you how I am using my Verizon 4Glte powered Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet […]

Pink & Black Diva Room Makeover #DIY #DivaRoom #GirlsRoomIdeas

We just moved in our new house a month ago. Now that we’ve closed and it’s ours, I’ve been making it ours. I wanted to share what I did with my 6 year old daughter’s room. She wanted pink and black…. sooooo that’s exactly what she got. Here’s what all I got, just to give […]

VTech InnoTab 2 Learning Tablet for Kids *Love it!*

My kids are just like mommy… they love technology. We travel a lot, and the kids love to have things to keep them entertained, but they also love educational tools while on the go and at home. We had the chance to check out the VTech InnoTab 2. We have the first version of the […]

Our fun trip to Six Flags Over Texas

This summer has been a crazy busy one, to say the least. We made sure to make all that we could of this summer with plenty of family fun time. While we were in Texas to visit family, we made a stop at Six Flags Over Texas. We surprised another family by taking them with […]

Family Fun Day at Six Flags Over Texas!

We are in route for a family fun day today at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.  The kids still have no idea where we’re going or what we’re doing. They think we’re heading to a playground to play and have a picnic. We are taking another family with us and we will be venturing […]

Disney’s iHome Weather-Resistant Speakers

We travel a lot, attend a lot of sporting events and on rainy days, the kids like to camp in with their iPod’s. With that said, there is a new product out that has my little ones swooning in excitement. Disney’s iHome Weather-Resistant Speakers iHome Weather-Resistant Speakers is a perfect and fun tool that your […]

Which battery works best for you?

With all of our home renovations and all the battery powered electronics in our home, I constantly wonder what battery is best for all the needs that we have. We have so many battery powered things in our home like remotes, clocks, kids’ electronic toys, Wi-Fi radios, flashlights and oh so much more! Have you […]

May: Better Hearing and Speech Month

One of my best friends that I have known since I was in elementary school is partially deaf, her middle brother is completely deaf and her younger brother is partially deaf as well. I grew up with watching Katherine’s family sign to each other. Their way of communication with each other was truly amazing! All […]

Holiday & Gift Battery Shopping Guide

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I am not alone when I say that just because Christmas has come and gone, the holiday parties and gift exchanges are continuing. We had a very busy month in my family between a family funeral, then our holiday events were postponed so we have had about […]

Six Flags Passes – Giveaway! (Closed)

I am very proud to be a Rayovac Power Blogger, so with this said, I was given 4 passes to Six Flags (ANY US PARK) Admission to keep or give away. My family and I are not able to attend a Six Flags any time soon, so I thought I’d pass these on to one […]