@PaintGlider saved us time, energy, our backs AND money! #DIY #BearsRoom

I’ve been thinking of how to start this post for a product that I’m madly in LOVE with, so I decided to start it like this.

Two months ago, this was half of my basement.

DIY Chicago Bears Sports Man Cave

Kinda gives a dungeon feel, huh?

Here’s the back story. We decided a year and a half ago that we were going to chance it and list our house for sale. We really wanted to sell and move to a different part of town, but if we sold; cool… if not; eh, we can manage. Well, after a year on the market, it finally sold. We had a house in mind that we wanted, but it all happened so fast, that we had to move and move fast. Literally! We offered, it was accepted,we moved. Once the house was ours, I was then thinking about who got what room, that basement- oh the possibilities, and of course… colors! What colors did I want to paint in the new house? The basement was for sure going to include a family room, guest room, gym room, an entertaining bar and of course this space was going to include hubby man cave. What colors did he want? He’s a sports nut, so here goes…

DIY Chicago Bears Sports Man Cave

Yup. Chicago Bears man cave. We received a Paint Glider to help us through our basement and new house updates.

Paint Glider

ThePaintGlider is perfect for roller-painting projects as it’s a paint tray and easy-to-carry bucket all in one! It can spin in any direction, and the deep reservoir and sturdy handle lets home decorators carry up to one gallon of paint from room to room. This combats against having to constantly refill paint trays, bend over, pick up and move paint buckets, or–the dreaded–cleaning up messy spills.

DIY Chicago Bears Sports Man Cave Paint Glider

  • Forget about old school paint trays, Paint Glider™ is the way to hold paint while rolling without making a mess!
  • The patented round design that holds MORE paint yet resists spills.
  • Roll paint in half the time.
  • Less spills, less refills.
  • With Paint Glider™ moving paint is simple and easy.
  • You can rotate or slide the Paint Glider™ over any surface using your roller.
  • No back breaking constant bending to move that old school tray.
  • Less time, less mess,
  • NO STRESS!!!

You saw the before, right? (Top of post) Well, here we go! We started building up walls. This photo is what will soon be my office (right), guest room (left) and the open space just to the right of the lightbulb will be the gym room and to the left will be a full bath.

DIY Chicago Bears Sports Man Cave

This is the view from inside the future guest room.


This is the view from the future gym to my office.


This is the view from the family room (finished part of the basement) to the gym room, my office and guest room. Where all the junk is & unfinished ceiling, that will be the full bath.


The gym!


We had a friend come in and help us get the drywall hung. (Thank you Andrew!) Once he got the seams mudded and sanded, I was ready t start painting. Here’s where the Paint Glider came in handy. When I first looked at this thing, I was like ‘Hey, it looks like a space ship.’ LOL The Paint Glider comes with a brush and extendable handle. I decided to start with the Bears Orange.



Note to anyone using an Orange… prime first. I did not and it took 4 coats. This color is a bear to put on. (Did ya get that?)



I had plans to paint a white stripe where the blue and orange meet, but I will show you later on what I decided to do instead.



The smears on the blue is because I took a picture of it while it was wet. Once I got a couple of coats on the orange, I found a few spots that needed to be re-sanded and re-painted.


Now, about that duct tape…


I was going to paint the white stripes on where the orange and blue meet, but I decided to try something different. I have to say, I saved a LOT of time and what’s left of my sanity…. as well as I LOVE the way it turned out! I measured from the ceiling to the top of the orange and from the floor to the bottom of the orange and I put the tape equally all the way across. I still need to touch up the orange, but like I said above, the orange is a buggar to get on without seeing where the mud is at. Ignore the ceiling, I am working on a whole other post for that.


Ta-daaaaaa!!!! Our new gym!


Without the paint glider, this would have taken me days to finish. This took me about 12 hours total to do this room, including 4 coats of orange paint, 2 coats of blue, air dry time and duct tape for the white stripe. With the Paint Glider, I was able to be up on the ladder and STAY on the ladder while I was painting the top of the walls where the ceiling meet. I was able to add an entire GALLON of paint in the Paint Glider and guess what? It all fit! What was left over, I was able to unscrew the lid, tip the Paint Glider up, empty the leftover paint back in the gallon, seal the paint gallon container and save the leftover paint for another project.

I had so much extra time that I was able to start on my office while the Chicago Bears Gym room was drying. I had some leftover paint from a previous project, as well as I bought some $3 mixed gallons of paint that were on clearance at our local hardware store. My office cost me $9 in paint, total.



I wanted to try something different. It may not be perfect, but I had to try. I wanted to attempt a Chevron design in my office. I used ‘frog tape’ to mark off my lines. Yeah, it’s a wee bit crooked, but I kinda like it.



You might be wondering why my outlet is in the middle of the wall. I did this because my monitors will eventually be wall mounted, and the outlet that I installed has 2 USB ports on it, so I want to be able to have my electronics plugged in and if I need a quick charge on my phone/device, without having to fish for the outlet.


I also used the Paint Glider to paint the brick in my office. While this took a lot longer than a regular wall, I love the overall look of it. This also saved us money by not having to build up walls, drywall and mud. With the brick, I used a primer & paint in one. You don’t want to use just plain paint because this is a basement wall because of the moisture that an underground basement has.


I used the Paint Glider on the main brick, then went in with my brush and touched up the bubbles in the brick.


I am madly in love with our new space in our basement. We have officially increased the value in our home dramatically! We went from a 3 bedroom to a 5 bedroom in just a weekend. The Paint Glider saved us so much time and covered so much more space than just a regular roller brush and plain paint pan.

For clean up, it’s super easy! Once I drained the paint out of the Paint Glider, I took it outside and hosed it off with the water hose. SUPER EASY!

Now that I posted all the before, during and after… here’s a quick end cap comparison.


The PaintGlider is perfect for painters, designers, home decorators, DIY-ers and any consumer looking for ways to make painting a breeze! Available nationwide at QVC.com for MSRP $24.84, the PaintGlider is an affordable home decorating tool. www.PaintGlider.com

A HUGE thank you to Paint Glider for helping us save time AND money on our basement updates!