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Hi guys! I am here to talk to you (again!) about The Peek. I have posted here, here and here, or and here too! Oh, how I love this device! Shall I count the ways?tanyapeek

  • I have traveled many miles with my Peek and gotten service just about everywhere I have gone.
  • I admit it. I was working out on my Elliptical and I had my Peek with me. Addict, much?
  • I love how I can be having cuddle time with my kids, yet I can still have my email next to me, without having my computer near, if I needed to check my email.
  • The Peek seems to be a part of my body; attached at the hip
  • I am a text’aholic. I love to text, but I am not in love with the fact that my current cell phone charges for each text after 250 texts. With the Peek, this is all included.
  • I love that the Peek is so easy to get started with, there is not a thick user manual included; it is a “Quick Start Guide”. Why spend hours reading a book on how to use a product when you can easily get started USING your Peek?!

I can keep going on and on about how much I love my Peek and how much I USE my Peek, but .. well, you get the idea. 😛

I wanted to show you some of the Peek, in person, so check out this video if you have a few minutes. This will answer a lot of the email questions that I get regarding the Peek.



If the Peek wasn’t good enough already, there is an option out there that I have not seen anyone else offer: Lifetime service! As you know, right now consumers & business are looking everywhere for ways to save money – including their expensive cell phone bills.  However, as always, it is very hard to figure out exactly what all your cell phone services are costing and what the alternatives are.

Peek has created a website that solves this problem –  Peekonomics uses a clever classroom chalkboard to compare the cost of getting unlimited email and text messages on a Peek to the costs of getting unlimited email and text messages with the four major carriers: Verizon, Sprint, ATT and T-Mobile.

The numbers are staggering – a Verizon customer could save almost $1000 over the life of their contract by using Peek for their email and texting. And to hammer this point home, we’ve just launched a special deal with  You can now get a Peek with lifetime service for only $399.99.

I had to share this amazing deal with you all!

I would LOVE to hear your feedback.

  • If you have a Peek… PLEASE email me your thoughts to
  • If you are looking to GET a Peek, please feel free to email me your questions, thoughts, ideas, etc.

If you are a blogger, the Peek is a MUST! If you are a traveler, the Peek is a MUST!

How would you like to Win a Peek of your choice of color with a month of service so you can take this bad boy for a test drive and see how fast you fall in love? 


  • Go to
  • Come back here and post to me something that you learned about the Peek and how it can help you!

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Contest will end on April 8, 2009 at midnight; central time


  1. kimlitchford says:

    I want one. Wow this is the first time I have ever heard of the peak. I actually don’t own a cel phone because of the cost but this I would use and the service costs are affordable. Loved the demonstration.

  2. Lily Kwan says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter.

  3. Lily Kwan says:

    I learned it costs $19.95 a month for service. It can help me by making it easy to access my email.

  4. subscribed

  5. Charlene Kuser says:
  6. Charlene Kuser says:

    I am a subscriber

  7. Charlene Kuser says:

    I learned that Peek can be used nationwide and suoorts most email carriers.
    I believe Peek would make my life easier and save me time,since I don’t own a laptop and I can check my emails anywhere and anytime.Thanks for the nice giveaway

  8. Heather C says:

    I learned that I can use this anywhere, nation-wide. I get a bit nervous when I’m away from my email for too long (sad!). With this, I’ll be able to sit in the car line at school or wait in the doc’s office and read and return emails! Fabulous!
    p.s. Can you delete one of my comments? My cat decided to send the message just before this one. No tuna juice tomorrow!

  9. I love that it’s a flat rate and I could easily email from anywhere. I really want one of these, it would help me stay in touch with loved ones.

  10. Heather C says:

    I learned that I can use this anywhere, nation-wide. I get a bit nervous when I’

  11. It can combine more than one email address

  12. A Casson says:

    Button … skyxsky27(at)

  13. A Casson says:
  14. A Casson says:
  15. A Casson says:

    It can support up to 5 emails and it would help because its all in one and I love it already no need for a test drive he he thanks! skyxsky27(at)

  16. I just emailed 2 friends and bcc’d you.


  17. john ferris says:

    I learned PEEK would help me save money by not having a contract and for keeping in touch with every one.

  18. Terri L says:

    I learned that the Peek is for sale at Target. I would love to win one of these for my mom. She doesn’t have a computer and feels like she misses out on certain family emails because of it. This would be great for her.

  19. Jennifer Hedden says:

    has nationwide coverage

  20. I’ve learned that it’s sold at Target, which is really convenient. It would help me keep track of business emails without having to constantly check my computer. No more feeling like a hermit!

  21. R Hicks says:

    have your button

  22. R Hicks says:
  23. R Hicks says:

    neat little device that caters to quick and easy emailing and portable beyond belief

  24. I learned that it is at Amazon and gives instant e-mail on the go, and it can help me keep in touch while I’m out.

  25. Elizabeth Ray says:

    It will let me get my email anywhere. This would be great. I get a couple of hundred emails a day. Wow, clearing out eamil wile on the treadmill or stationary bike sounds good!

  26. subscribed to your feed

  27. Kathy Scott says:

    You have access all across the US

  28. i’ve got your main button on my blog!

  29. I mentioned your giveaway on my blog!

  30. Debbie B says:
  31. Debbie B says:

    it supports up to 5 email accounts – and you can get unlimited email and texting without a contract

  32. Heather S says:

    I emailed three friends and BCC’d you in the email!

  33. Heather S says:

    I’m a follower via RSS reader!

  34. Heather S says:
  35. Heather S says:
  36. Emily O. says:

    I learned that there’s no contract required- that’s REALLY appealing for a student like me on a tight budget.

    eeohlin at gmail dot com

  37. Heather S says:
  38. Heather S says:

    I learned it is compatible with most mainstream email carriers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.
    This could help me stay in touch with my family and friends so much easier!

  39. Cori Westphal says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  40. Cori Westphal says:
  41. Cori Westphal says:

    I learned that the fee is just twenty bucks a month! What a steal! I’d love to have this instead of lugging around my laptop. What a timesaver!

  42. Steve Scott says:

    You can use it through out the US.

  43. I like that I can email from a fairly small sized device I spend 90 days a year on the road and packing this type of small fast device would sure beat having to lug the laptop out and start it up to check email. Even better I could send email when I hit a delay traveling.

  44. I can’t believe I almost missed getting a blog entry in for this!
    Better late than never. I blogged about it here.


  45. Peek is a great way to stay in touch. I learned that Peek is one hell of a gadget for handling texting for cheap.

  46. It seems like a really practical thing to have.
    My best friend and I live in different states now, and
    we keep in touch through email. And my brother is in Iraq and email
    is currently my only contact with him.

  47. In the community section they list dozens of web sites that communicate using email, doing searches, maps, etc. I could use this on the road instead of my smart phone.

  48. Christie says:

    I learned the Peek is available at Target. That’s great because Target is easy to shop.

  49. Melissa Barnes says:
  50. Melissa Barnes says:

    I subscribe!

  51. Melissa Barnes says:

    I learned that is is really easy to set up your email and its is less expensive then my text messaging service with my cell phone. I work from home and recieve my work schedule through my email so this would help keep in touch with work so I dont miss anythign when I am away from the house.

  52. Ken Robinson says:

    My sister would love this. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  53. cherice says:

    Just subscribed!!! Thanks.

  54. cherice says:

    This sounds amazing! I love that you get nationwide coverage so you can take it anywhere. This would simplify my life, love it! Thanks.

  55. Peek’s has nationwide coverage!

  56. joe gersh says:

    costs $49.95 and an check email

  57. Subscribed

  58. We have your button in my directory

  59. This would be great for bouts where our internet is down! Happens quite often with our provider!

  60. I have your button on my blog!!

    You can check it out here…


  61. I am a subscriber!! Thank you! 🙂

  62. I TWEET’d about it!!! Thanks!

    User: saucyandbossy

    Get Peek with Peekanomics: Review, Video & Fab Giveaway! : Mommy Goggles

  63. The Peek would allow me to not need to carry my laptop to check my email! Yay!!

  64. David Clark says:

    I learned that these are sold at several mass merchants near me. I’m going to have ot check these out!

    Thanks for the contest.

  65. 1955nurse says:

    I’m a subscriber, and love your blogsite!

  66. 1955nurse says:

    WOW! Loving this new info NOW I just have to have one of these! The price @ 49.95 is surely reasonable. My Dtr lives 13 hrs away and we text all the time, and my Son/his family live 5 hrs away, so I’m always texting him and his sweet wife (I have a fabulous Dtr-in-law!) I SOOOO need this! And the E-mail-in my pocket- aspect is so wonderful. I really want one of these now, even MORE than the Kindle!

  67. And I’ve also emailed some friends and spread the word.

  68. I have your button.

  69. I’m a subscriber!

  70. This sounds like a wonderful system. Currently I don’t have a text messaging service because of the cost. The affordability and the fact that the coverage is so broad are excellent features. It’s becoming more and more apparent that I need to have easy access to both the internet and the ability to email and receive emails from others. The Peek sounds like it might just be the right ticket!

  71. i have your button on my side bar

  72. feed subscriber at my yahoo – lisalcolorado2007

  73. The New York Times says –An easy, cheap way to keep in email contact.
    Sounds great because I am hoping to do a little travel and camping this summer.

  74. I have your button

  75. I learned that you can text with Peek I didn’t know that! I could really use this since I don’t have a cell phone but would totally pay 20 bucks a month to text and email!
    Thanks for the entry

  76. I have your main button on my sidebar.


  77. I subscribe.

  78. Oh this would be awesome to have to use when I am at work-we’re not allowed to use the computers there for anything personal, and when I get home my inbox is so jammed, it is so time consuming to sort through everything.
    And there is no contract to lock into-yay!


  79. also, as a college student, this would help me keep it touch with my peers without finding a computer to check my emails.

    I subscribed to your newsletter.

  80. Nationwide coverage…awesome.

  81. I have your button

  82. Jill Miller says:

    The Peek has nationwide coverage. This could really help me because we own a cabin in the mountains where we do not have service on our cell phones.

  83. on the go checking your email.
    God bless

  84. Mommy Goggles, thank you for the video post and your information presented on the Peek. I have owned many cell phones in the past (about 30 @ one time). I am really excited to have my children use a peek device instead of a cell phone.

    Children if given a chance will be able use a device like this and stay connected with friends and family. My daughter just turned 4 and she has an ipod touch and can use it with out my help. She even bought a game. I had to enter the password to download the game, but she searched and found it by simply watching me. So with that logic I think I can teach her to repeat the simple steps of the Peek.

    OK I bought the ipod touch for me originally, but after the above story how could I take it away from her. She has favorite games and can even play instruments (cow bell plus) on the touch. I have watched the videos of Amol talking about 1 device that does something well. After a couple years buying many cell phones looking for that device that does it all I can honestly say….. an all in one device does not exist for me:) So I purchased a nice DSLR camera, point and shoot camera, ipod, and a free cell phone. Now I need that qwerty texting device (sorry sidekick).

    Finally I am really looking forward to teach my daughter the Peek. Could be a great way to teach typing to a child:) After devices like netbooks, iPod’s, and the peek’s I can’t see the next generation of children lugging around laptops.

    Peek has started something and I hope they have continued success:)

    Cheers and keep it simple – Stephan

  85. Stephanie says:

    I subscribe on google reader

  86. Stephanie says:

    They have great prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. christopher h says:

    great price 19.95/month, im in the same situation as everyone else – gotta count those pennies

  88. It’d under $20 a month that is a steal!!

  89. I have your main button!

  90. Subscribed!

  91. I learned how you can save money with Peek! Definitely would love to win this!

  92. Karin C. says:

    I am a subscriber and love your site.

  93. Karin C. says:

    I learned that I can get my emails with Peek and not have to lug my laptop when I visit friends. How cool!

  94. I’m a subscriber.

  95. Peek is an easy, cheap way to keep in email contact. This helps me to contact my friends and family easily.

  96. I’m a subscriber

  97. It would save me a lot of money and I can be outside and still checking

  98. subscriber.

  99. Subscriber

  100. I learned that there is never a contract. This would be a great, affordable way to stay connected with family and friends while traveling

  101. Just subscribed to Mommy Goggles. And shall be able to keep up on the go with the Peek. I also like the open invitation for ideas on how to improve on the device. With more time and on going development, the Peek, I’m sure will appeal to more and more users.

    Thanks Mommy Goggles!

  102. The peek will help me save money over my wireless provider ATT’s data plan. I can keep in touch with family and friends for one set rate.

  103. you can get the peek at target and it would help me because i don’t have internet access at home!

  104. I am also subscribed to your newsletter.


  105. I am also following you on Twitter (furygirl3132) and I tweeted:


  106. I learned that the Peek has Nationwide coverage and that there is no contracts. It also comes in 3 colors. I could definitely use one of these because I have a lot of emails and a newborn baby and this device would let me take care of both easily. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!


  107. Karen Gonyea says:

    Count me in 🙂

  108. I found out that it has nationwide coverage and is only $19.99 per month! Awesome…I could check my email anywhere and not have to buy an $$$ laptop and then lug it around…

  109. wendy wallach says:

    I learned that PEEK can be prchased at Target and I need this because I dont have access to email at work and my cell phone is company provided so I cant use that either to check my email during the day.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  110. I am an email subscriber: pricousins{at}aol{dot}com

  111. I have your button on my blog.

  112. I like the fact that there is no contract. The Peek would really help me out. It is hard to get to the computer to check my email because I’m always chasing after my daughter who just learned to walk. I can just slip the Peek in my pocket and have my email wherever I go.

  113. No need for a contract! I love that. I have my own business from home, so this is perfect for keeping up with business and website inquiries when I am away from home. Awesome, and I love the colors! Thanks soooo much, my birthday is next week so this would be awesome to win!

  114. Nationwide Coverage at 19.95 a month -is awesome!

  115. Heather H. says:

    The convenience of e-mail would be wonderful – I would love to win this for my mother.

  116. I learned that this would be a great avenue for me to get out with the boys this summer, so I don’t have to be at my computer and I won’t miss anything either. That and it comes in blue…I love blue!

  117. Angela J says:

    It’s relatively inexpensive and great for anyone lke my sister who is a “techniphobe”

  118. Here’s the link to my tweet!

  119. All you have to do is enter your email and pw and that’s it?! I can’t believe it. and OH I want one soooo bad!!!

  120. I’m following you on twitter and have tweeted the giveaway as an @reply 🙂

    -barbarabaker 🙂

  121. I am subscribed to your blog via email and love the updates!!!!!

    -barbarabaker 🙂

  122. I’ve learned that you can go anywhere with it. I’ve learned that I’m obsessed with the idea and hopes of having one. I check my email too many times a day to count and sometimes, waiting for an email has actually kept me strapped to the house instead of venturing off…I could surely use this device…PLEASE COUNT ME IN!!!!

    -barbarabaker 🙂

  123. Subscriber.

  124. This is just perfect for checking email on the go! The hardest thing is to choose between charcoal grey and black cherry. I learned that I can get one at Target, Walmart, or online.

  125. Peggy Gorman says:

    I am a subscriber

  126. Peggy Gorman says:

    I love this new gadget ,so small and perfect for on the go ,I can still check my email. No matter where I am ,I think its great for waiting at the Dr’s or in the car waiting for the kids. I now can check my email,,love it!The price is fabulous too.

  127. Carolyn G says:

    I subscribe

  128. Carolyn G says:

    I learned it supports most major email providers. I love this gadget. How great is it that you can check your email anywhere without having to have a laptop.

  129. Oh my!! This is so affordable. I would love this so much. What a great way to stay in touch with all my friends when I’m traveling. I hate having to lug my big laptop around when I travel just to check my email. At $20 a month, I can do it.

  130. MRS.MOMMYY says:


  131. MRS.MOMMYY says:

    works all over the uS

  132. I added your button.

  133. The red color is called Black Cherry. That is a cool name.

  134. susan varney says:

    its 19.95 a month or there abouts- big help in this economy

  135. I have your main button at

  136. I subscribe!

  137. I learned that the Peek is available at Target and Costco. In fact, there is a great lifetime Peek deal going on at Costco. I would love to have one of these because my 2 oldest are in college and I have texting for them in my cell phone contract, but not for myself. I would love to have a way to text them because I have noticed they don’t always answer calls, but they do always look at texts (even in class, so they say) This would be a great way for me to know I’m always in touch with them if need be. Thanks.

  138. adrienne Gordon says:

    target sells it, this would be easier than hauling my laptop around.

  139. I placed you banner on my sidebar at .

    By the way, I forgot to mention in my previous post how the Peek can help me. The Peek would help me to be able to get out of the house more without having to be tied down to my computer job at home. Therefore, I could be able to check my email when I’m out and about. 🙂

  140. I’ve learned that they sell this at Target nationwide. 🙂

  141. Elizabeth Ray says:

    I could check my email without being chained to my desk. (I don’t have a laptop computer, only a desktop.) This would allow me to spend more time with the family, but still get my work done.

  142. It will let me get my email anywhere and only costs $49.95

  143. i subscribe

  144. with this i would not need to carry my laptop with me to check my email that is cool

  145. I learned that it is usable throughout the U.S. with full nationwide wireless coverage.

    I prefer texting to talking.

  146. Peek’s got nationwide coverage! That’s awesome! This would help me because I tend to use email more than the phone (I am NOT a “phone person”) – so I would love this!!

  147. I subscribe

  148. I think the peek can help me to save money and time. I am always wishing for more time to spend with my daughter

  149. I found out it runs about 19.95 a month for service and that it has nationwide coverage.

  150. I subscribe


  151. peek would help me keep in touch with my friends and family AND check my newsletters from my favorite blogs =) My email address is supported on it.