Move over stroller, hello Piggyback Rider! Review & #Giveaway! {Closed}

With the weather turning nice enough to go outside for walks, one thing that I was dreading was pulling out the stroller or the wagon to tote the kids in for walks. While pulling the kids in the wagon is good exercise, it gets tiring after a short while. When Kambry was a baby, I used to carry her in a sling, so why can’t I carry her for walks now that she’s 3? Thanks to a new product that I was able to try out, I am in love and am looking forward to taking those Spring & Summer walks. Normally, I will not post an entire press release about a product that we review, but there is so much useful information in this, that I really felt the need to pass all this on to my readers.

Piggyback Rider

“Carry me, Daddy, pleeease!” And daddy does. Shortly thereafter, “Rub my back, Honey, pleeease!” And wifey does. That’s pretty much the story of every father that totes his children around on his shoulders or back. But dads around the world continue to jeopardize their backs, suffer eye gauging, hair pulling, and choking, because carrying their kids around is fun and incredibly bonding.

Knowing this, stroller and child carrier companies have tried repeatedly to develop devices for parents to carry their kids that are also simple and lightweight. Parents know that the current contraptions available are clunky and heavy, and cost restrictive. So with six kids between them and nothing on the market that met their needs, the Lifshitz brothers set out to invent a unique carrier to solve these common issues, reduce strain and extend their paternal bonding time.

Appropriately named the Piggyback Rider™, this ingenious carrier is, quite simply, the last child carrier that you will ever need to buy. Made for children aged 2 ½ to 7 (and up to 60 pounds), The Piggyback Rider™ is quality and simplicity at its finest. Weighing less than three pounds and the size of a rolled towel, the Piggyback Rider bonds parent and child in active transport that is natural and instinctive. Rather than a seat attached to a frame or wheels, the brothers Jonny and Wayne Lifshitz designed a backpack with a shoulder mounted foot bar for a child to stand on, four integrated grab handles for a child to hold, and a safety harness to secure the child. The foot bar rests just below adult waist level, allowing the child to stand perched on the adult’s back and be engaged in active transport, rather than sit (and fall asleep). The Piggyback Rider™ is built strong and sturdy, made with high quality climbing buckles, webbing and a tempered aluminum bar. To boot, the entire carrier comes in a convertible multipurpose storage bag/mudflap!

Traditional piggyback rides require no special technique or training and involve complex frictional forces between carrier and rider, according to a study presented in 2009 at IEEE/RS-J International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. The Piggyback Rider™ preserves these natural features and allows the adult to stand much straighter than the typical 30-40 degree slouch associated with the old-fashioned carrying method. Better yet, your little hanger-onner has a bird’s eye view over the landscape and crowd. The simplicity and ease of carrying a child with the Piggyback Rider™ is a revolution in child carriers – lightweight, natural and engaging. Now, when carrying Junior around the mall, through the amusement park, to the game, through the city or along the hiking trail, Mom or Dad can walk upright — with posture the envy of their peers! And now there’s also no more choking, eye gauging, hair pulling, tired arms.

Another amazing thing about this cool trend-setting parenting product is that with all of its extreme engineering and attention to quality and safety, the Piggyback Rider™ is being sold at a very reasonable price of $79.99, significantly less than a stroller or framed carrier. No detail was too small when it came to making children safe and comfortable in this ingenious product’s design.

Piggyback Rider Features:

  • The foot bar has textured grip tape to ensure traction on the shoes;
  • The child’s harness is clipped to the adult carrier at two points and the back has a neoprene panel for comfort;
  • Each Piggyback Rider™ comes with a multi-purpose storage bag that converts to a mudflap.
  • Kids stay awake and remain engaged in the bonding adventures while riding the Piggyback Rider™
  • Made for children aged 2 ½ to 7 (and up to 60 pounds)

Older children love the height advantage, rest from walking and most of all the quality time with their parents. The Piggyback Rider™ has unlimited year-round use, while hiking, touring, shopping, walking, watching, exploring, wandering, bonding at amusement parks, carnival, sporting events, malls, markets and everywhere else you may go. And, in the end, it’s about more than just getting there; it’s about an active interaction between parent and child, bringing you closer together in any adventure or outing.

Our thoughts & experiences with the Piggyback Rider:

I am in awe at everything about this product! We live in the Midwest, and we are just getting to Spring weather so we are starting to venture out for walks. Last summer, the kids and I would go for walks, but I would pull them in a wagon. This is great exercise, but when you have a 55 pound son & 35 pound daughter in a wagon, going uphill, this tends to get exhausting after a while. Since my son is old enough to where he likes to ride his bike next to me while we are out, now we can go out for walks while he rides his bike and my 3 year old is on my back with the Piggyback Rider. Just this weekend, we were at the mall and we decided to try this out in a public place. We went to a pretty large mall and I didn’t want to push a stroller. We have an umbrella stroller and with my height, my back ends up hurting because I am slouched over pushing this stroller. One thing that I noticed with the Piggyback Rider was that I was able to maneuver in and out of stores, walk with ease and even fit through racks of clothes that we were shopping for with no problem. With a stroller, my 3 year old tends to go to sleep, but we’d like to keep her awake while we are out to interact more with the family. The Piggyback Rider is amazing for just that! My husband took this picture of Kambry and I while we were in the mall.

Kambry was standing up & I was adjusting her shoe. It looks like I was holding her up, but I wasn’t. Once you put the Piggyback Rider on, you can easily adjust the height of the bar that is just behind your bottom. I easily raised it up while she was on me.

My view with Kambry on me. She is 3 1/2 and about 33 pounds. *reflection from a glass door that was in the mall, not a mirror*

Kambry loved the Piggyback rider while we were shopping at the mall! At first, she was scared of it, but it was because she had never seen something like this before, so she wasn’t sure about it. There are two handles that are on my shoulders that she was able to choose which ones she wanted to hang on to. (See picture below) On Kambry, she had on a harness that was clipped to my harness. This is just in case if she were to fall, she wouldn’t get hurt, yet she would pretty much dangle from the ground, but would overall be safe from falling to the ground or hard floor.

From the front, Kambry was one happy little Piggybacker!

We had at least 5 mom’s and about 6 or more employees in stores that we went in, approach me to ask me about the Piggyback Rider. We walked around the mall & shopped for a good two hours and in the end, my back was not hurting from carrying my 33 pound 3 year old around like I had wondered would happen.

With having this product, I am already excited to make plans to use it in places like:

  • Shopping
  • Daily walks (move over stroller, here comes something more fun!)
  • Traveling events, even through airports, this would be a great tool to use!
  • Trips to the zoo
  • Walks to the school to watch sporting events, instead of driving or toting the bulky wagon.

I have said how much I love this product, but I also want to show you how lightweight and easy the Piggyback Rider is to take with you just about anywhere that you go. The convertible, multifunction carry bag also serves as a mudflap, small pouch and stuff sac. See instructional video for converting carry to mudflap, small pouch and stuff sac.

Here is a little tidbit of information for those that are exercising, working on weightloss and counting those calories.

Piggyback Rider creators calculated that you can burn 359 calories per hour with a 30lb kid on a walk.

So, I had Kambry on me for a good 2 full hours in the mall, so I burned an amazing 718 calories! I could feel it in my legs, my abs, arms… everywhere! I worked up a sweat, but it was a good sweat! For those of you that are working out and have kids, I highly recommend the Piggyback Rider! Not only will you have some bonding time with your kids and family, you are getting up and getting active, meanwhile having fun and enjoying the outdoors. I love this product more than I can express!

MG purchasing info

You can buy the Piggyback Rider™ for $79.99. For more information, to purchase, or find a store near you, visit

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  112. This items looks fabulous! It would be wonderful for taking our 2.5 year old to the MN State Fair, which we do several times each year. And with a 6 month old, we would use it for years to come!

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  126. My son is now 1 1/2yrs old. For the first year of his life, he rode around on my tummy in a Snugli. In fact, he was probably in that thing for far too long (size wise… otherwise, we both LOVED it). We went for walks everyday. I will cherish those memories forever. I even strapped him to my tummy to go vote last fall. The election judges got quite the kick out of us.

    Anyway… when he got too big for the Snugli, I just figured that my days of “wearing” him were over. Secretly, it broke my heart. We live right next to a defunct golf course. There’s no way I could ever push a stroller or pull a wagon up and down those hills. We prefer to walk in the old golf course because there are no sidewalks in my neighborhood. In fact, there are no sidewalks that lead to the nearby park. And I just don’t trust the crazy drivers in this town.

    The piggybackrider would just be incredible for us. We could get back to going for daily walks through the old the old golf course… More bonding and more calories burned:)
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