Family Fun with our Play Palace Bounce House!

I have seen Inflatable Bounce Houses at birthday parties and family events, but have never really thought too much about owning one. Why didn’t I think about this? I have no idea, but oh…my…gosh, what a great stress and energy release for the kids! We had the chance to check out a bounce house. I cannot begin to express how excited I am that the kids have an outlet now to burn off that excess energy.

Play Palace Bounce House by Blast Zone

The Play Palace Bounce House is a Cool Bounce Castle. This 4 kid Bouncer is built to last, and sets up fast! In just a couple minutes kids will be bouncing themselves safely within the netting-enclosed palace. While the kids burn off energy, parents can relax, knowing their kids are safe within the sturdy play castle! The Play Palace bounce house from Blast Zone is rated for up to 4 kids weighing 100 lbs or less. The slide entry makes it safe and easy for kids to entry the 8′ x 8′ bounce area.

  • List Price: $450.00
  • Price: $379.99



  • Commercial Vinyl Bounce Floor
  • Commercial Double Stitching
  • Reinforced X-Weave in Stress Areas
  • X-Weave Heavy Duty 420D and 500D Materials
  • Heavy Duty Safety Netting with Velcro Safety Entrance
  • Slide
  • Includes – Blower, Stakes, Carrying Case and Patch Kit
  • Weight without Blower – 45 lbs
  • Number of Bouncers – 1-4 Kids
  • Weight Capacity – 400 lbs
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use


  • Blower
  • Stakes
  • Repair kit
  • Storage bag

The set up was amazingly easy and fast. Everything we needed came in one box, with a smaller box inside which held the blower.


We have a very large back yard. It’s a huge T-shape lot, where the middle is the kids’ play area. We decided to set up the bounce house behind the swing set since this was the most level part of our yard.


We unboxed and unfolded the bounce house, then staked down the 4 corners.


Once we got it all unfolded and stretched out, we tied off one of the open parts, then plugged in the blower.


All set up!


Here is the view from my deck. See – told ya that our yard was huge!


We were missing just one thing. Kids! What did the kids think about the bounce house? See for yourself what their reaction was!

I think the kids like it!

The kids LOVE the bounce house! I will admit that I got on it and bounced. What? Like you wouldn’t get in this and bounce! The weight limit is 4 kids weighing 100 pounds or less, but this works beautifully with me and the kids in there at the same time. So much fun – even for mom to get in and bounce!




Mission: To exhaust kids while having fun.

Mission complete!


Do I recommend a bounce house? Absolutely! I cannot begin to express how pleased I am with everything about the Play Palace! The size is perfect for our yard or even indoor use, which I am excited to try indoors this fall and winter!

Whether you are looking at Commercial Bounce Houses or a bounce house for your personal use at home, I highly recommend the Play Palace Bounce House! We live in the Midwest, and our plans for the Play Palace Bounce House in the winter is to put this in our dining room in our home. We are always looking for things to do in the house for the kids when we are all cooped up when we are snowed in. This is the perfect size for outdoor or indoor!

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  1. That’s a great bounce house and I can tell that your kids really love it!
    I love the swing set next to it, too.
    You have a great yard, I’m glad your kids have so much space to play around in.