Playroom Loft: Progress

I have had a few ask me about the progress of the Playroom Loft that I am building.

You can see my brain storm idea here and the progress here.

For the most part, it is built.

I need to:

  • paint
  • build a ladder
  • make a cushion for the top part

I haven’t decided if I am going to add doors like a house on the front or just leave it open. The kids play inside this all the time, so I may leave it open.

Tucker lays on top every night for quiet time and love it! I may add a small rail on the edge, but since the width is 5 feet and the depth is 4 feet, I may not need it, unless we decide to let the kids climb up during the day and play like it was a playhouse. That is still an option! If so, then I may enclose the top part and make that a house. Who knows but the possibilities are endless!

I budgeted for this to be $50. I spent $52 in wood and only used about $30 of that wood so far. I will use the remaining 2×4’s to build a ladder and go from there.

[flashvideo filename=”videos/playroomloft.flv” width=”420″ height=”320″ /]

Materials used:

  • Plywood: (cut in to 63 inches wide) $21.49 (Have some leftover, will use for something else)
  • FOUR (4) 4×4 Boards (55 inches tall): $9.69
  • TWO (2) 2×4 Boards: (cut to make a frame to drop plywood inside) $2.09/each
  • Misc wood screws: $3.00

Total used so far: $38.36

I have leftover paint to use to paint all around and under where the kitchen is at, so no splinters. Also will paint under where padding will go so no snags.

I will keep you updated with even more progress!


  1. Great job! You are so creative, I want to come over and play!

  2. Yep,,you certainly took after your Mom,,,”Miss Organizer”…hehe
    I love it…great job honey !!!!

  3. Great job, Tanya! I like the mural, too. Who did that?

  4. Jennifer B says:

    looks great! Love the wall! and the the kitty I saw! lol

  5. Looks awesome! You are so creative

  6. looking good T!

  7. I love it! Wanna come to my house?? 😉