Playroom Toy Organization

I have spent the last two days in our playroom getting it organized. I still have no idea how my own kids don’t know how to pick things up, even when the bins are clearly marked with visual images on each as to what’s inside. Let’s see how long this lasts. I have told the kids that if they cannot keep the playroom organized and clean, that I will get rid of anything that is on the floor at the end of the day. Here’s what I did to our 5 foot wide by about 18 feet long playroom. It’s a weird shape because we live in a 1900 home and our only guess is that this area used to be a porch way back when.

I added a playroom loft (about $20 in materials) so that during the kids’ quiet time each evening my son can be on bottom with his beanbag, pillow and blanket and my daughter can be on top where there’s a futon mattress, her blankets and pillow so that they can be separated to watch a movie without being near each other. This is the best thing that could have been added to our house. Yesterday, I added fabric to cover the upper part, more for show, and I added a shower curtain rod across to hold the longer fabric on the bottom. I will sew a seam in the middle of the fabric (which I got on sale last summer for $1.00 a yard… times about 10 yards). This will create a curtain to close so that it’s dark inside and the kids can ‘camp’ in. Inside, I have a small florescent light that can be used to make their play place lighter.


Under the loft, the kids have a nice area that is about 5 feet tall, 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide which has a kitchen, dishes, play food and they can create an entire shopping center by using their shopping carts, make a fun creation in the kitchen and more!

For now, until I can build some shelves to the left, under the loft, I am using a plastic 3 drawer storage bin to hold play dishes, plastic play food and on the bottom is the wooden play food.

food storagekitchen

Opposite of the loft is a wall that used to have 2 wide shelves that were bolted to the wall that held the kids DVD’s for quiet time. While this worked, the shelves stuck out further than I liked. I looked around the house and decided to use a shelf that my granddaddy made for me about 17 years ago. This used to be used in a craft store that I used to consign art for. It was the perfect width for DVD’s! It was bare, so I painted it white.


Perfect fit! It is mounted to the wall with about 10 screws.


If I was to show you what this room looked like when we bought our house 3 years ago, you would probably flip! The previous owners used to run a daycare with about 10 kids. This was the playroom for them as well as it is for us now. Let’s just say that our current playroom kicks their playroom’s rear!


This was the most disgusting room I have ever stepped foot in. Oh, and yes that is chalkboard paint. Whoever invented this crap needs to be thumped,,, or better yet, bitch slapped. Worst. Invention. Ever.




I thought about priming and painting the entire room from start to finish, but this chalkboard paint is crap to paint over, so I decided to do the easy thing and cover the walls of the entire room with sheets of paneling. Each panel was about $7.00 and well worth every single penny. It took about an hour to get it put up verses about 10+ hours of priming and painting. The carpet was so old, we don’t even know how old it was and it was so disgusting! It reeked of urine. If the previous owners didn’t have a dog that peed in the house, they must have had kids that weren’t potty trained.


This was the best thing I have ever decided or thought of to do for covering the chalkboard paint.

In front of our house, is a large window. This window would probably be a living room window in most homes. This is our playroom.


Since this is a large window, I thought it would be fun to add a mural to the wall opposite this window so that when the blinds are open, people outside can see the wall. We’ve had more comments and compliments on this mural! This picture is from two years ago, but it’s still as beautiful as it was in 2009! It’s so fun to see it from the outside when the lights are on inside.


With all that we have done to the playroom, it seems that there’s always something fresh to do to make it more usable by the kids. This week, I took all the kids toys, dumped them all in the floor and organized them in to bins. With each bin, I added a picture of what’s inside, as well as the words.



And here’s the playroom today.

The toys are all in their organized and labeled bins, there is plenty of floor space and the kids are in playroom heaven!


  1. Um, didn’t I say amazing already. Must have been a different room. You should have a show. Extreme Makeover, Mom Edition!

  2. You completely rock! Please come help me organize!!

  3. Lou Lange says:

    Looks wonderful, Tanya! :good:

  4. Sara Phillips says:

    It looks AWESOME!!! You did a great job! :yahoo:

  5. Seriously, you are a WHIZ at this stuff! It’s amazing to see how much it has changed. Heck, from when I was there, it looks awesome. I’d be whoa to see what it originally looked like in person!