Posy Lane Ballet Shoes Backpack

School is already back in full swing. I remember when we were shopping for back to school needs, the one thing that I like (as a parent) are to look for things that aren’t your typical school items. For the kids’, we like to look for unique items like clothes, shoes and even backpacks. I don’t like to send my kids to school with an item that every kid in the class will have an identical item of. We were able to work with Posy Lane and do a review of one of their adorable backpacks. After looking at their wide array of items, Kambry chose this adorable backpack.

Stephen Joseph Ballet Shoes backpack


This adorable Stephen Joseph Ballet Shoes backpack is great for toddlers! Made from 100% cotton, they are machine washable and durable. The front flap has a double drawstring with magnetic snap closure. It has a carry strap handle on top as well shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are adjustable using buttons and button holes. It is ideal for day care, kindergarten, preschool, dance class, pre-school, overnight bags or for use as small diaper bags. Approximately 11″ tall x 13″ wide by 4″ deep. Generally we embroider the flap(recommended!) but please note that depending on the style of bag or the length of name to be embroidered, we may change placement location as required for biggest embroidery size.

When we received it, I was in awe! It is a carefully quilted backpack that is definitely unique and sets Kambry apart from the other classmates. We had her name embroidered on it. This is available for $6.00. 20121022_082417

On the bottom of the backpack, it has ballet slippers that are sewn in to the fabric. This is perfect so there’s no fear of the image peeling or falling off the backpack itself. 20121022_082412

The side has a zipper, which is perfect for Kambry to keep her lip balm in it for easy access while she’s at school, or on the go with me.


On the top, under the flap where her name is, there is a drawstring, so you are able to close the backpack up, or leave it open for fast access. The drawstring has a plastic clasp on it that helps keep the string secure when pulled tight.


Overall, we love the Posy Lane {Stephen Joseph} Ballet Shoes Backpack. The quilted material is very sturdy, easy to clean, easy to Are you looking for a backpack for your back to school student? Posy Lane also has many other products including tote bags and even towel wraps. The holidays are quickly approaching. Check out www.PosyLane.com for some great gift ideas!