Protect your iPad mini with the Ballistic Case

I never thought I’d use my iPad mini as much as I do. When I travel, it’s in my purse. When I’m out running errands, it’s with me. When I am home lounging with the family, it’s right next to me. I read, browse the internet, play games and even blog from my iPad mini. With the price that I paid for it, I want it to be protected but also to still be easy to tote along. When I received the Ballistic LS case, I was super excited to check it out!

Ballistic: LS – Lifestyle for iPad mini 

Slender and stylish case for iPad mini fits snug without adding any significant bulk

  • “Snug fit” feature ensures that while grasping tablet tightly, is still very easy to remove with accordion-like exterior
  • Packaged with patented Ballistic corners to guarantee much-needed protection for most sensitive portion of iPad mini
  • Crafted with high-quality materials, including TPU to boast protective capabilities
  • Case available in Purple, Charcoal, Black and Pink
  • 16 total interchangeable bumpers bundled with each, including a variety of colors such as: Orange, Teal, and Lime Green

Your new iPad mini is a sleek and sexy piece of technology, we want to make sure you can keep it that way. We developed the Ballistic Smooth Series case for the iPad mini. This case offers the best of both worlds, it is slim but still offers a lot of protection from the hazards of daily use.

  • Made of durable TPU
  • Lay-on-table feature: ensures your screen won’t touch the surface of a table when laid flat
  • Interchangeable/customizable Ballistic Corners™
  • Includes a total of 16 bumpers

I was sent the charcoal kit.

Charcoal kit includes:

  • Charcoal case
  • 4 black bumpers
  • 4 orange bumpers
  • 4 teal bumpers
  • 4 charcoal bumpers

Black kit includes:

  • Black case
  • 4 black bumpers
  • 4 white bumpers
  • 4 lime green bumpers
  • 4 red bumpers

Hot Pink kit includes:

  • Hot Pink case
  • 4 black bumpers
  • 4 purple bumpers
  • 4 hot pink green bumpers
  • 4 white bumpers

Purple kit includes:

  • Purple case
  • 4 black bumpers
  • 4 white bumpers
  • 4 teal bumpers
  • 4 purple bumpers

When I received it, I was impressed with the thickness of it, yet the Ballistic case is very light weight. There are bumpers that are included, so you can change the colors as your mood changes. I received the charcoal case, so it came with 4 black bumpers, 4 orange bumpers, 4 teal bumpers & 4 charcoal bumpers. For now, I have the orange on it, but I am going to change it up to 2 teal and 2 orange.


Some of my favorite features:

  • Thickness: It protects my iPad mini beautifully. 
  • Weight: Looking at this case, I would think that it would be heavier than it is. It’s very lightweight.
  • Protected corners: I love that the corners are extra protected and with the option to change the colors.
  • Grip: The grip that this case gives me for my iPad mini is perfect. On the back, there are grooves that allow to hold on to the iPad itself better. If you’re like me and read in bed, the groves make it easier to keep hold on while I’m laying down.
  • Volume buttons: The buttons are covered with the case. This is different than other cases that I have bought because the push buttons on the cae itself actually works. It’s easy to use the volume up and down.
  •  Openings: Where the camera lens is at, the eyelet hole is perfect and protects the glass on the lens. The lock button and the bottom where the speaker is at are perfectly protected as well.
  • Easy to clean: I love that the Ballistic case is easy to clean. I have been using this case while I go to the gym and it’s nicely protected and easy to clean.

Overall, there isn’t anything that I don’t like about the Ballistic iPad mini Case. The size, weight, grip and overall feel of the Ballistic case are exactly what I have been looking for in an iPad mini case. The price is very reasonable at $40.00.

Available at:

Price: $40



  1. Rhonda Grisham says:

    I am debating on buying a mini. This looks like a good case….I need something sturdy to hold up to the grandkids little hands 😉 They use my full size iPad more than I do 🙂