Protect your lawn this winter with tips from TruGreen #Sponsored #MC

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Winterize your lawn with TruGreenWe have a new home that has a huge back yard and a pretty awesome front yard. Here in the Midwest, our winters are pretty brutal with extreme cold, snow and ice.

At our new home, the trees drop leaves like crazy. One thing that we always do, immediately, is rake the leaves up as much as we can until the next fall, bag them up and haul the leaves away. The longer you keep the leaves on the ground without raking them up, or just leaving in piles, can damage your grass or even kill the grass.

Once all of our leaves are raked and gone, we like to mow to get rid of any dead patches of grass or piles that may cause any living grass under to die.

We have pretty huge trees; one in our front yard and one in the back that covers half of the back yard. We just recently trimmed off any dead branches that were on it. This is a winter preparation, but it’s also a safety measure. I don’t want my kids outside playing under the tree, when it’s coated in ice and the limb fall and hurt them.

We’ve been doing some of our own research to see how we can prepare our lawn for this years’ expected harsh winter and I came across some tips from TruGreen that we are going to do for our own yard and that will hopefully help keep your lawn protected this winter.

Winterize your lawn with TruGreen

I welcome you to visit for some helpful tips on how to winterize your lawn this winter. From there, you can sign up for TruGreen lawn care service so that at the first sign of spring, TruGreen specialists will already have you in the system and be out on your lawn before you might even know it’s time to begin spring lawn care.

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