Pure Energies sustainable living; Project Kayapo #ad

In your life, right now, what do you think you could not live without? We all take advantage of certain things in
life on a daily basis that we really don’t think too much about; running water, automobiles, cable, electricity,
and even lighting. When I saw some
videos of Pure Energies’ recent trip to visit the Kayapo Tribe, in the
rainforest, I was in awe. I then realized how much we take advantage of our every day happenings.

You can watch the videos I’m referring to here.

To see this tribe have so much happiness in their lives with so little makes me so happy. I’ve been reading
more on
sustainable living and I wanted to share some information with you all.

Pure Energies Project Kayapo

CEO of Pure Energies, Zbigniew Barwicz and a small team lead by the International Conservation Fund of
Canada, are on their way to the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.  For almost two weeks, they will be living
alongside the indigenous tribe – the Kayapo.  They will be participating in their traditions and exploring the
Amazon.  In addition to a donation, Pure Energies will also be providing light to each household.

The purpose of the trip is to highlight the Kayapo people and exemplify what it means to be sustainable and independent.  The Kayapo people effectively protect an area of rainforest that is bigger than more than half
of the countries in the world and equating to the size of Virginia.  Every day, their land is threatened by
loggers, ranchers and miners.  

For PURE, independence means giving homeowners the decision to take control of their energy bill and to
make their own choices.  Gone are the days where energy is without options.  We are entering a new era,
where homeowners have the potential to generate and directly use their own power.  Through this trip,
we will learn the truest form of independence and convey those learnings to the homeowners of America.

Amazon living:

If you were to have the opportunity to visit the Amazon, with no electricity or your every day items like your
blow dryer or curling iron, could you do it? I have to say that I could do it. Rarely do I do my hair and make
up anyway, so this would be an adventure for me. LOL


Family time:

If you think about it, family time in the Amazon would be greatly increased because they don’t have the
luxuries like electronics, gaming, tablets, or television. There are so many things that the tribes do without
the power that we are accustomed to in our every day life.


Amazon’ing workouts:

With living in the Amazon, with no connection to a local gym, there are so many things in the jungles to
keep one active. I would absolutely love to be in the jungle to go hiking, walking, jogging and exploring the
gorgeous areas. Did you know that the Kayapo people protect one of the largest regions of Amazon
rainforest in the world? The territory spans 10.5 million hectares (almost bigger than 50% of all countries
in the world).


Living off nature:

Instead of that quick trip to the store, the tribes live off what they have and what they grow.
This definitely makes one think about how we live in a materialistic world. Since the 1950s, the
Kayapo have successfully battled waves of squatters, loggers, miners, ranchers and government
officials to maintain their land and way of life.


After reading and learning more about what Pure Energies does to teach the world about energy,
it defiantly makes me more aware of the energy that we use on a daily basis and I plan on doing some
more research to see what I can do to help raise more awareness.

For more information and to follow the Kayapo’s amazing journey, be sure to visit the Kayapo Project
official website.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.


  1. Jennifer DaMomme says:

    This past year I have really started to notice things that we do take for granted.