Quadruple your closet space! Save closet space with soda can (pop tops) #Organizing #ClosetOrganizing

We just moved to a new house a couple of months ago. While we’ve increased the size of our bedrooms and the fact that we actually HAVE closets is a huge plus, we are still lacking on space. We wouldn’t have to be searching for space if I wouldn’t forget that I already bought clothes for my kids, so I decided to buy again. With this said, we have pretty limited closets, so we’re making the most of what we have. I thought I’d start saving soda can top (pop tops) and start doubling our space. How??? Here’s how.

Well, I just ‘made over’ my 6 year olds’ closet. This was jam packed with random clothes and too many mismatched pieces. This space was jam packed and you couldn’t even shift a hangar to see what item you were pulling out. This was such a headache. Every.Single.Morning. it’s a fight to find something to wear.

We just went from clutter hell to (top) 37 FULL outfits (top, bottom, leggings, bloomers) and (bottom) dresses & random pants.

Quadruple  your closet space! Soda Can Pop Top Closet Organizing | Mommy Goggles

Who would have ‘thunk’ that a pop top would help organize? Now I need to paint and add in drawer/shelves and it’ll be complete. I could probably add an entire tall dresser in here to save on floor space!

Thank you soda can manufacturers!


  1. Janice Clouds says:

    WOW…that almost makes me want to start drinking soda!