@Rayovac backs up their products with an amazing guarantee!

When you go to buy a product, does the item’s warranty play a factor in your buying decisions? It does me! I don’t like to buy a product that can’t back it up. I thought I would give a brand a try with a laptop. It seemed like it would do all that I wanted and would be perfect for traveling. Needless to say, it died after just 4 months of use and the brand didn’t back it up with a warranty. Well, they had a ‘warranty’, however it was in very tiny print that they wouldn’t support it after 30 days. That was very hard to go through as a consumer. It definitely left a sore spot in my mind for them.

Did you know that Rayovac believes so much in their products that they have a battery and a flashlight warranty that has to be one of the best that I’ve seen.

Rayovac Guarantee

Device Guarantee
We will replace, repair or refund, at our option any device (that uses Rayovac’s AA, AAA, C, D & 9V, cylindrical, button cell or coin cell batteries collectively the “Batteries.” “Batteries” do not cover lithium ion batteries.) damaged by our Batteries if the device and Batteries are returned to us, prepaid, to the address below. Be sure to remove the Batteries from the device, but include the Batteries in the same shipment as the device. Our guarantee does not cover devices that are damaged by Batteries that are beyond their expiration dates.

Flashlight Warranty 
Lifetime Warranty: Excludes accidents and misuse. Return defective product postage prepaid to Spectrum Brands, Inc. 

The Rayovac Guarantee has the best protection for your most important tech devices. I love when a brand has so much faith in their products that they stand behind their words!

We have Rayovac batteries in everything in our home that needs power. I trust and believe in Rayovac so much!


I would love to hear your experiences (good or bad) with a product with their warranty.

For more information about Rayovac’s Guarantee, be sure to visit Rayovac.com. You can also read more up on this recent press release.

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