Our home is powered by Rayovac

If you have kids, you know what the drama is like when their favorite toy’s batteries go kaput. You don’t even have to have kids to know what that is like; even if you have multiple remotes, battery powered digital picture frames, gaming devices & remotes, as well as cordless hallway lights, camera batteries or even things like battery powered toothbrushes. I cannot begin to tell you how many batteries we have in our house and how often we recharge them. This is just a tiny glimpse at what we power up with Rayovac batteries.

Just to think… that’s just from one room too. :wacko:

How do you keep your house powered? We use Rayovac Rechargeable batteries because I got tired of  buying batteries every time we went to the store. Yes, rechargeable batteries may seem more expensive in the beginning when you are very first getting started using them, but in the long run, they are so well worth it! We are always rotating batteries from toys, remotes, gaming devices, etc. from the items to the Rayovac Platinum Universal Charger, back to the toys or household items, back to the charger and so on. You never realize how many things in your home are powered by batteries. I’d love to hear – how do you keep your home powered?

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“I am a Rayovac sponsored Blogger.”